Happy Birthday, sweetie!

october 18, 2006 - day 27

Today is J’s birthday and I so wish I could be there with him. J and I have been separated a few times during our relationship and I thought it’s not going to be a big deal to do it one more time, but it is. Especially on days like this. Also, getting married and then being forced to be separated for MONTHS (!) is cruel. I thought it’s just going to be like all the other times, but we really were betrayed of the first feelings newlyweds have when they start sharing their lives [and apartment] as a married couple. Sure, we will have that when I get there… but it will have been put off for 11 months!

The good news is, I have booked a flight. Unless the Consulate comes up with an absurd reason to not issue my GC, I will be in CA with J in exactly 5 weeks.
Wow, 5 weeks… this almost scares me now ;) Being in Germany again for almost a whole year, I have almost gotten used to it again. It feels like there is so much left to do for me, although I have been anticipating to finally have a date for such a long time. However, it’s going to be hard to leave my family and friends again. Now that Kim will finally be reunited with C, it would have been so nice to meet him. This is really bad timing, because they’ll be coming back here around the same time I’ll be going over there. It’s almost a funny coincidence that for both of us the LDR crap will be over at around the same time… but YAY for ending LDR’s! [And we’ll see each other in Long Beach next year, Kim!]

  1. Happy birthday J!

    And yay for you being on a plane in less than 35 days ;-) Seems like time is flying now! Im so happy for you that everything finally works out!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. Happy Birthday San’s J!

    I think it’s crazy that both you and Kim are ending your LDRs so closely to each other! It’s kind of freaky really!

    5 weeks? WOW!!

  3. Love the change in The Count! I am excited for you! :)

  4. Love your new design! And I’m happy for you :-)

  5. even though i’m a little late, HAPPY B-DAY J! belated b-day smooches coming your way! :)

    i’m sorry you had to spend it apart but it will have been the last one now!

    it is kinda sad that you won’t get the chance to meet C just yet. but we’ll be planning our next visit to the US as soon as he gets here and i hope it’ll be long beach! bottom line: YES! to LDR’s ending. we’re kicking the LDR’s ass. HA! remember the club we were talking about a couple years ago? don’t even need that any more ;)

    big *smooch* sweety!

  6. Happy Birthday, J! :)

    I am so happy for you, that you booked a flight! Would love to meet you before you leave. Enjoy the last 35 day in Germany. Not long until you will live in LA with J!

  7. Now this is getting real! I’m so happy and excited for you! WOW!

  8. happy belated birthday jon! cute picture by the way!!! oh wow, five weeks, thats awesome, so we can plan our california trip soon. hehe. so excited for you!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy birthday, Jon!
    It really is great you will be done with this visa crap so soon finally! I am crossing my fingers nothing ruins it now!
    I hope you get to have your newlywed phase anyway. It is cruel, but you know now how strong your love for each other is, that you can go through this.
    And it is really sort of funny how Kim and C are finally going to be together for good at almost the same time.
    November must be a good month! )

  10. Oh I almost missed this one!! Happy birthday to J.!!
    I’m so excited that you booked your flight and will be over there with him in less than 5 weeks!! Weeeee! Awesome!!

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