Happy 5th anniversary to us!

october 5, 2006 - day 14

Once again… separated, but who will complain if a date for re-union is basically set for in a couple of weeks? ;) The only thing that sucks is that I won’t be there for J’s birthday and Halloween. I really wished I would have made it back to CA by then.

  1. All in good time San. All in good time.

    You will have many birthdays and Halloweens!! :)

  2. sweety, i know it’s tough to be apart on days like this and the upcoming events – having a date set or not. happy five and i’m sending TONS of hugs your way. HDGDL! :)

  3. Happy anniversary to you two!

  4. Happy anniversary San and jon!!
    Soon enough you’ll get to celebrate all your anniverarys together :-)


    PS: I really really like that pic!

  5. Awesome picture! Congratulations on the anniversary- with many more to come, I am sure. :-)

  6. Happy fifth to the two of you! I love your 365 days pictures, they are all really pretty!

    Enjoy the time you get to spend with your loved ones in Germany and the celebration of your Mom’s birthday, time flies! And in no time at all you will be with J for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

    Hugs coming your way!

  7. PS: We have our 8 th anniversary on Oct 9!

  8. Happy anniversary!! For the “real” one ;-) you’ll be togther in Cali again. Yay!
    Hang in there Toots it’s not that much longer anymore now…

  9. awwww happy anniversary to you guys! wow 5 yrs!! just awesome!! and i really love this pic =) good job!!

  10. Happy anniversary! :) I love this pic. Hope you too will see each other soon. :)

  11. better later than never…right? hehe. happy anniversary guys!

  12. Happy Anniversary to you both! Love you

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