I got tagged twice

Oh well, I’ve got tagged so many times this week [it’s been THREE times actually] that I can’t ignore it anymore ;)

So, first I got tagged by Annejelynn

The Instructions: List five songs that you’re currently diggin’ on – it doesn’t matter what genre they’re from, whether they have words or not, nor do they have to be any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying right now. Post these instructions and the five songs including artist names on your blog. Then tag five people to see what they’re listening to…

1. U2: Beautiful Day

2. Lifehouse: You and me

3. Pearl Jam: I am mine

4. Three Doors Down: Here without you

5. Matchbox 20: Plush

I am tagging Kim, Sarah, Sylvia, Jenny, and Jessica.

Then I got tagged by Kim for a little word association game:

1. Love – birds
2. distance – sucks
3. booty – licious
4. french – not-freedom-fries
5. vanilla – sky

And Sylvia did it one more time:

1. time – flies
2. future – happy
3. refridgerator – fresh
4. bed – bugs bite
5. step – by step

The next five words are:

1. blue
2. friends
3. german
4. home
5. book

I am tagging Susi, Ute, Silke, Jen and Annejelynn, but everyone is welcome to play. Make sure to let me know if you did :)

  1. Ich mag auch nimmer spielen, wir sind also quit. ;)
    Wie wars mit deinem Männe?

  2. you cant tag me, i am busy! hehe. you are too cute. :-)

  3. thanks for playing *smooch* but you don’t really expect me to play that first one now, too. do you? we have to stop the tagging-madness… so how’ you doin’ ? :D

  4. Honey, do you have more pics from you and your hubby?

  5. Blue Lagoon

    Friends I have many cherished, and faithful ones. : )

    German I wish I could speak it. Or read it. Or SEE it. You know, if you added a “y” to “German.” ;)

    Home Cozy like a warm fleece blanket.

    Book I need to read more of them. I’ve gotten book lazy.

    :) Do you like how I just tagged myself in your comments’ section. Yeah, I used to do that in elementary school, too. My friends and I always wanted to be “it.” That wasn’t the most effective way to play “FreezeTag.” : )

  6. hey sweetie,
    hope you haven’t fallen into a deep whole after your hubby left again. and i really hope you GC shit finally takes place. hope to talk soon.miss you

  7. 1. blue SKY
    2. friends ARE AWESOME
    3. german SOCCER :-)
    4. home NEEDFULL
    5. book CRIME

  8. I DID IT!! Finally!
    Come visit me at http://www.sylviaxtine.blogspot.com!!

    Thanks again for all your help with the blogger issues!

  9. sweety, i hope the goodbye wasn’t too tough today… *smooch*

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