I want to “strangle” my student

I don’t have a violent nature. I really don’t. In fact, I am usually a very patient person and I can make it look like nothing’s bothering
me at all. Still, there are situations when I have a hard time bearing up my composure and I feel like beating someone up would be a good idea. I got this call this morning – well, noon almost – and it was the Mom of a kid I used to tutor last school year. I thought we had cut our relationship when summer break started [back in June] and I wasn’t too sad about it as he had been a terribly exhausting child. He never listened, always had something else on his mind and tried to distract me and himself from the actual reason for my presence – which was teaching him maths – all the f***ing time. Apparently, his Mom found out that I am STILL in Germany and that this would probably mean that I would LOVE to continue tutoring her son. So, she calls, with this desperate undertone in her voice, and asks if I possibly had time to come and see him TODAY, because he’ll have a math test tomorrow.

WTF? Does it seem like I have nothing to do these days? [Uhm yeah, ok, I don’t really have much to do, except 4 tutoring lessons each week and waiting for my GC]. Anyways, it just pisses me off that she thinks she can call me this morning and get me to come over this afternoon. She probably didn’t find out about this math test just today! Also, why do parents think that tutors can close the gaps which come from having holes in one’s brain not paying attention in school by coming over for an hour the day before the test? Is this how they studied when they themselves were still in school? I really don’t know [and I am not giving any guarantees] that I will be able to fully prepare him for the test tomorrow. What do I know, how much he might have forgotten over the summer break?!

But I am young and I need the money, so off I go ;)