at the risk of repeating myself, wireless internet is the most amazing invention of this century :) My Dad received our new router in the mail today and I set up our wireless network right then… and it’s awesome. Now I can check and write emails from my room again (which is really convenient as I was blocking my Mom’s desk most of the time) and I can go online whenever I want :)

My weekend was great. I spent Friday afternoon with my sister and Saturday we went Christmas shopping and baked cookies in the afternoon. I also spent the whole night being creative with my Mom… I have quite a few things I have to prepare for Christmas :) Sunday I basically hung out at home for most of the day… had lots of tea, Christmas cookies and in the evening, I watched “Miracle on 34th Street”. I love that movie!

Today I had the job interview at the student tutoring center and it went pretty well. I mean, there basically wasn’t any interview at all… the office lady just asked me a couple of questions and then she wanted me to participate in one of the classes and I ended up tutoring the whole class already [and I want to add that I am don’t want to be smug of myself, but I was definitely more competent than the lady that is usually giving the class]. I could start in January – the downside is, they only pay 13 euros for 1,5 hour-classes. I can make more money if I find myself some students to tutor privately. I already found one :) I am tutoring an 11-year old in maths. We had our first tutoring lesson today and it went pretty well. So we’ll see what else will come up :)

  1. Wow yeah that’s cheap labor! Well, keep looking around if you find anything better. I’m crossing my fingers!
    No word yet from DLH, the lady didn’t pick up the phone. Of course she’s gonna call once I’m taking a shower or something like that…. ;-)

  2. could you come over and tutor justin in maths? i am afraid he will his class…sniff. that would suck big time. anyway, its so sad reading that you are making plans in germany, i want you to come back!!!!! :-( love ya

  3. hi sannie, yay good you could get the job if you wanted, but … the salary isnt really thrilling, eh? well, hope you find more kids to tutore privately and hope even more that you can go back to california soon. :-) have a fantastic week *hug*

  4. hi maus, just wanted to say hi and that i got here and miss you and hope everything’s fine and you will call me one of these days :-)  

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