Fun weekend.

Hey guys, how was your weekend?
Mine was pretty good. Friday night I cooked my Mom’s world-famous string bean soup and it almost tasted like home. I watched some TV and ordered a cell phone.
Yes, I admit it… I am going to be one of these people who’ll be “available at all times” *lol* it was really not my decision. I don’t particularly like cell phones, but I used to have one in Germany (because my parents thought I need one, because I am gone all the time ) and although we don’t really need one here, it’s good to have one for emergencies. Well, and since we’ve been in an “emergency” lately when our tire blew out on the Highway, I guess it’s not a bad decision to have one for the road.
We got a free phone and the cheapest plan (which is still $20/month – my cell phone in Germany was 5 Euros!) which should get here by Thursday.

Saturday, J and I went out to Bakers Square for breakfast (I just love it!) and then went to the Mall afterwards. We had some gift certificates from Christmas and I had to buy some cosmetics. I got a new pair of flip-flops, some really cute sandals with high heels (is that really ME?? the girl who always likes to wear sneakers!) and we also went to Victoria’s Secret where I got a new bra.
I hate shopping for bras and I had put it off for months, ever since almost all my bras (except for three older ones) got stolen at our old apartment complex in the laundry room. That was back in March’04, but I just couldn’t get myself to go shopping for bras, because it’s always hard for me to find some that really fit me. But fortunately I was quite lucky on Saturday and found one within 5 minutes of being in the store

In the evening, we had a quick dinner and then got ready for Silke’s birthday party. We went over there @ 9:00 p.m. and I wore my new sandals – unfortunately we had to take off our shoes in the apartment, so I couldn’t show them off.
My friend Sheila was there with her two roommates Regine (another German girl) and Antonia and I spent most of the night talking to them. Besides J, I think there was only one more American guy at the party – all the others were International Students and most of them were German.
It was funny, because we all talked in a mix of English and German the whole night and later Jon and I talked to a german couple -Judith and Julian- and J talked in German and they would respond in English . So you couldn’t really tell who is American and who is German… and that is why one of the guys kept talking in English with me and he was totally surprised when I said “Good Bye” to Silke in German. He was like “Oh, you speak German??” *lol* and I said “Yes, I do” and he was all baffled until Silke told him that I AM German that was so funny, because he thought I was American, because I had talked to Sheila and her roommate the whole night.
We went home at 2:30 a.m. and slept in real late on Sunday…

Then I took my blanket from our bed to the couch. Except for going shopping and getting J a Dictionary & Thesaurus at Borders, I stayed on the couch all afternoon and watched Elvis Presley-movies Did you know I used to be a HUGE Elvis Presley fan? I used to watch all his movies with my sister when we were younger and we had a lot of his records. It was the first time EVER to watch some of his movies in English and it was awesome. It would have been his 70th’s birthday on January, 8th and so there was a whole “Elvis Presley”-weekend on AMC.
I thought about calling my sister, but it was after midnight in Germany and she had probably gone to bed already. So I told her today and she was so jealous and she wanted to know what Elvis sounded like in English *lol* yeah, it’s really bad that all movies are dubbed in Germany and you never know the actors’ real voices. I wish I could have taped them.
Anyways, that was my weekend and now it’s back to work

  1. Elvis Presley?? lol amazing after so many years that we still have new things to learn about each other :) Did the actor who dubbed in German even sound like Elvis?
    Miss you tonz

  2. I haven’t told you? *lol*

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