I didn’t do much on Valentine’s Day – I didn’t even get a card or anything from my honey :( but at least he didn’t forget Valentine’s Day completely and he promised me on the phone that he’s already working on a nice birthday package for me ;) YAY!

Yesterday morning, I accompanied my Mom and her second graders on their school trip to a children’s museum in Duisburg. I was truly amazed by the museum and the children definitely had a lot of fun! There were three floors with different interactive exhibitions – all of them ready for children to get involved – to play, learn, experiment, explore and have fun! It was a very relaxing school trip for teachers, too, since you could just let the children walk around by themselves and not having to worry about them. Unfortunately, I was told that the museum is about to be closed down. It doesn’t get enough support from the community, which is very sad if you asked me. It’s such a great place for kids!

In the evening, I went to the movies with my friend Ira :) It’s always a fun trip to the movie theather, because we always treat ourselves to nachos with cheese dip. That’s our routine :)
We watched “Walk the line“ with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. It was totally worth it! What a great movie! I didn’t really know anything else about Johnny Cash’s biography other than that he was a country legend, but I really think the movie was very well done. Joaquin Phoenix [did you know he was River Phoenix’s younger brother?] has rightly been nominated for an Oscar for his performance. He was brilliant!

Today I worked on our wedding invitations for a little bit. I kind of have an idea what I want the layout to look like. I sent a draft of it to Jon, so he can throw in his two cents :)
Later my Mom and I went to my sister’s place to look at her wedding invitations. She’s already ahead of me with her planning *lol* but I didn’t expect anything less from her, if someone is excited about getting married, than it is my sister!
I really like the design of her invitations. They look really different from mine, but that was anticipated.
Now I am just hoping that J’s parents will send me their complete guest list soon. If we want to send out the invitations by the beginning of March [which I already think impossible], I have to start working on them NOW.