Some fun for the weekend

first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY!!!

I hope you’ll have a wonderful day with Greg and your family and friends! You know I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I am with you in my thoughts always.

ok, girls, and now it’s my turn… please take the quiz and let’s see how well you really know me :)

I had a bad headache yesterday and I took two aspirines and finally went to bed, because it wouldn’t go away. I am absolutely positive that it was because of the weather change. It was really warm and sunny yesterday compared to the days before. I am feeling much better today and I am looking forward to the weekend. I am going to take the train to Siegen tonight, Ilka‘s going to pick me up at the train station and Kim will arrive by car some time tonight. This is going to be a fun weekend [you see, I am already in a better mood today than yesterday ;)]!

Did anyone watch “Eine glückliche Familie” when you were younger? They are repeating the show on ARD in the mornings right now :) and I watched the episode where the Behringers are moving to Texas. Ha, I didn’t know that everyone in Texas speaks German [or is this just the stupid German TV again that makes it easy for people to understand – I mean in this case, subtitles would have been the way to go!]

Have a good weekend everyone!

  1. Have a fun weekend, girls {v}

  2. Darn, that was hard! I totally sucked!! I was pretty close though on most answers ;-).
    Have lots of fun with the girls!!!!

  3. awww – eine glückliche familie… loved it! i remember back then i thought it was so exciting when they moved to the states – that farfarfar away country [that i’m going to in 8 days – wohoooo :-D] i love the re-reuns of those old shows. like ich heirate eine familie as well, know that one? we used to watch those shows all together with my mom and sister and brother when they were 20:15-evening-shows. all snuggled up together on the couch… hmmm – nice memories ;-) see you tonight [YAY!] and i’m all ready to cheer you up even more. bought the tea last night, too

  4. man, that test was tough … :-)

  5. ha number 2!!! and i dont even know you.. im good at guessing.. i will go buy a lottery ticket now :-)

  6. yeah i watched that show too! how funny!!! :-) i will do the test now…write you later….

  7. oh i just got number 4. sniff. sorry hun, it was fun though! :-) have a great weekend!!!!

  8. hey sannie, that’s a tough test :-D hope you are having a great time :-)

  9. total verkackt! yeah, i suck. i’m bad at guessing. i prefer tests where i know the answers and can show off my knowlegde… :-D
    *hugs* ellen

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