well, it’s that time of the year and it’s the first time in three years that I am home for the Schützenfest. There are riflemen’s processions and a fair with a huge tent to celebrate. There is also always a good chance to meet old friends and people you haven’t seen in a long time, because many people come “home” for the Schützenfest :)

Last night I went downtown with my parents to watch the the procession. The different groups that participate in the procession pick up current political issues and build figures out of a metal framework, surround it with transparent paper and illuminate it from the inside. It’s always very cool. Here are some examples:

Afterwards, my sister, Ira and I went to the fair. We had a really great time and I met so many people that I hadn’t seen in a long time, e.g. my sister and I met two guys that used to be our neighbors when we where 1-4 years old :) we still remembered them and so we just walked up to them and asked them if they still knew who we were… they were kind of surprised, but they remembered: “You’re the twins from upstairs“:) (we used to live in the upstairs apartment and they lived downstairs).
I also met some people that I knew from school and some people from my “old” circle of friends ;) it was great to see them again!
We had a really fun time and I got home at 5:00 a.m. :) didn’t really think it was that late already… it must come as a shock as well that I had some “Ustinov Ice” (something like Smirnoff Ice) and had a light buzz *lol* everybody was so funny when they realized that “Sandra drank some alcohol” :)

Today I slept in [should not be surprising ;)] and then in the afternoon we went to see the parade and had coffee and pie at my parents’ house afterwards. It’s a traditional habit in our family to get together on the Schützenfest-sundays.

In the evening, I watched the debate between Schröder and Merkel on TV. Honestly, they both made me sick watching them after a while :( I do believe that politics are important and that everybody should go and vote, but on the other hand it’s always so phony and pretentious…yadda yadda. I hardly believe anything that comes out of a politician’s mouth. Well, I have two weeks to decide who I am going to vote for ;)
On this note, I hope you’re going to have a good night…

  1. Awesome Parade??:lol: we never have things like that here?? and I am glad you had fun at the fair! I??:heartbeat: fairs – they are always heaps of fun and I imagine you had heaps of fun to stay out so late??:giggle: Wow I can barely stay up to 8pm at the moment??:shysmile:
    better get back to work… only a few more days to go lol!
    Love ya and cant wait to give you a hug!
    ??:heartbeat: Cathy xoxoxx

  2. Great you had such a fantastic time – WITH ALCOHOL??:laugh: – at the Schützenfest :-D
    I am surprised that you were sick by the very entertaining tv show yesterday :-D I thought this tv debate is imported from the USA where it is even worse. It´s just what?I heard. Politics is a ditry business…it was, is and will be??:rolleyes:
    Hope to hear good news about your visa tomorrow??:heartbeat:

  3. uh uh, i wanna get drunk with you, too :-D sounds like fun. those schuetzenfeste tssss. know them well ;-)well, all i have to say about last night is that the debate didn’t make me question my decision the tiniest bit [not that i had expected that] but rather backed it up. they should have talked about foreign policies more but i guess we’re just having enough problems within the country… ;-) i already send out the form to vote by mail since i’m gonna be out of town that day :fun: we’ll see what happens i guess…

  4. Wow, that’s an awesome procession!!! Nothing compared to our lame village ones we have here??:lol:.
    Would have loved to have seen you buzzed on Ustinov Ice. Haha!
    I totally agree with yout view on politics. Yadda yadda!?:rolleyes:

  5. hi sweetie, awesome pictures! i am impressed with your camera, mine wouldnt have taken pictures like that. really cool! i cant wait to find out, who is gonna be the next chancellor. eventhough i dont care too much about politics. hehe. love ya!??:heartbeat:

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