Boo… trick or treat!

I hope you all had a nice Halloween. I know that it’s not a big deal in Germany [besides the Halloween parties for teens and young people that have started to emerge in the last few years to have yet another reason to celebrate and get drunk ;)]. In the US, Halloween is truly a holiday for children. You still see some people dress up on the streets, but mainly it’s a day for kids to dress up and have fun.
We didn’t carve pumpkins this year. The second year in a row. I remember that last year on Halloween, we took my parents and my sister to the airport, spent the afternoon in the Bay Area and came home quite late, so that there was not much time left to celebrate Halloween. It’s Jon’s favorite Holiday though. He LOVES to watch scary movies and it drives him nuts that I am so easily scared and that I don’t enjoy watching scary movies at all :( We did anyways…
First we went out for dinner with Aaron and Maria. We went to Crepeville in Downtown Sacramento and I had the “Savory Crepe” with prawns, mushrooms, roasted red bell pepper, yellow squash, garlic and a pesto sauce. It was soooo good :) Then we went home again and we watched “H20″… Maria and I pretty much disappeared under a blanket, because we were just freaked out :( I winced quite a few times at particularly scary parts. I am sorry, I am really not trying to ruin it for everyone else, but I just can’t take scary movies :(

  1. Hey, you snatched my smileys! Aren’t they a blast?! :w00t: Too bad they don’t work properly as long as you still have your old ones, too…
    I loooove scary stories and movies, especially when they have a real background! Yesterday night I watched a “Blair Witch Project” kind of show, where six people had to fulfill several challenges within 48 hours being locked up from outer contact in a haunted fortress. In between they showed little sequences about the history of that area and the atrocious events that had taken place there. I’m sure, many of the things happening during those two nights were planned, but the stories to it were great! *shiver* :unsure:
    When I was in Texas two years ago I watched “Final Destination 2” for the first time. I liked it, even though the particular death scenes were pretty unlikely to happen in the real world. [spoiler] There was this one scene where a woman got decapitated by an elevator. I thought to myself: “Well, that could never happen since elevators have an automatic sensor and it wouldn’t go up with the doors half open and a body in between”. [/spoiler] Yeah, right. Ellen and her trust in technology. Next day (!) I opened the newspaper and read: “Doctor in Houston decapitated by hospital elevator”. :sick: No kidding. I had to sit down for a minute and breath. They did some construction work on the elevator and so the sensors didn’t work properly. Too bad they only found out afterwards. Don’t even wanna think about how the nurse felt, who was in the elevator when all of this happened. :wacko: I bet she needed a serious therapy!!!
    Oh, long comment. Gotta go! I hope I didn’t frighten you too much… :innocent: *Flausch!* :throb:

  2.  :wave: hi sannie, i am the same concerning scary movies especially if i am alone i can’t stand that… like i was scared a few weeks ago watching niptuck (!!!) when this cutter showed up… disgusting…  :mad: // hope you have a fun week!  :love:

  3. i love scary movies even though they give me nightmares. as long as you dont watch them by yourself its really fun getting so freaked out. i didnt watch any this year though.. just got drunk at my companys halloween party. i enjoyed talking to you the other day.. hope we can talk again sometime. any news about the visa issue??  :dribble:

  4. I  :throb: scary movies, too…although I have to admit that I wouldn´t like to watch them alone… :blink:
     :throb: you, Sanniemaus
    btw: ich möchte den Smiley  :ph34r: gerne mal benutzen, hat wer ne Idee, was ich dafür schreiben müsste?  :laugh:

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