This might be my last entry…

before I am back in Germany. Jon and I are driving down to Ventura tonight and I am not sure yet if I will be able to go online again [which will be very hard for me :)], so I might just get in touch with you again when I am back in Germany.The last two days were kind of busy and I am trying to organize my stuff, run some errands, and decide what to take to Germany and what to leave here. It’s a very weird situation right now, because I want to treat it like I am going on vacation, but on the other hand I am thinking if I should take things back just in case I won’t return… but these are stupid thoughts, right? because I will be back here in September…

I really don’t like this feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen, although I am hopeful that everything will work out just fine after all the hassle that we had. Of course I am excited to see my family and friends again [esp. the ones I have yet to meet *lol*].

Last night, we went to see the Swains, because I wanted to say goodbye to them… and since they had just returned from Europe, they had some Euros that they wanted to get rid off and I was very happy to get them off their hands. They gave me a really good exchange rate and it was a mutually benefiting deal for the both of us as we didn’t have to pay any fees or commissions. We had a lovely evening with them.

So, I guess I’ll see you all soon guys… well, most of you at least :) I am excited!

  1. Hey, I hope you have a good flight! That would be so weird going to Germany and not knowing whether you come back or not. I knew I wouldn’t. Not sure if that is better but at least I knew to take all my stuff with me, heh.

  2. first up DONT even think about thinking about not coming back lol (for purely selfish reasons of course lol?:spinning: I am sure you have packed just the right amount lol
    We’re all gonna miss you soooooo much but I know you will pop in whenyou can to keep everyone up to date :-) I am so excited for you all…. since you get to spend some time together??:p esp Sanni cause I know she is super excited??:lol:?:giggle:
    don;t forget we have a date on the 9th September??:goodjob:
    Love ya and miss ya like crazy
    xoxoxo vbfaeaeaea

  3. justin ist noch schlimmer als ich, der macht von allem und jedem fotos!??:lol: guten flug und alles meine kleine maus, echt schade das wir uns nicht sehen werden!!! viel spass in ventura, lieben gruss an deinen schatz. lieb dir.??:heartbeat:

  4. OF COURSE you are getting back in September…you don´t want to let Cathy down, will you? You know, she´s right, I am SUPER EXCITED, but Cathy is EVEN MORE (I know, it´s unbelievable, but it´s true??:lol: ). And you promised me that pic with the both of you and Lumpy *lmao* I guess if you tell the whole story you HAVE TO get your visa ;-)

    Have a good time in Ventura with Jon and a safe flight. Talk to you soon…face to face *collapsing*

    ?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat: you³

  5. i’m sure everything will work out just fine with your VISA here in D. have a save trip and i will see you real soon. give me a call once you’re here so we can “finetune” about that weekend…

  6. Have a really good flight over here babe!
    See you soon and greetings to Jon and have a wonderfull weekend in Ventura!

  7. ?:sunny: i am so sorry that? i’ve been so lame the past week, haven’t posted haven’t emailed at all.?:whocares: but i don’t know where that week went and my head is not even between my shoulders anymore. but i hope you will forgive me because i will make it all good when you are here. will make you pretty. i mean even more pretty than you are actually.?:yes: i wish you the best flight over here and don’t be too sad to leave your babe. you’ll be back together soon.
    love ya like crazy,

  8. ?:heartbeat:knutscha zurück?:heartbeat: man so schnell vergeht die Zeit, was? Wünsch dir nen guten Flug nach Haus und n schönes Weekend mit deinem Jon!?:wave:

  9. ?:wave: hallöle, hoffe ihr habt ne tolle zeit in ventura, wünsche dir einen guten flug! bis bald??:love:

  10. hö? irgendwie hab ich grad geposted und nu isses schon wieder weg… nun gut, ich bin ja ausdauernd…??:giggle: erst mal??:wave: und ich hoffe ihr habt ne schöne zeit in ventura. wünsche dir nen guten flug und freue mich dich bald kennenzulernen!??:)?:love:

  11. ok, ich bin verpeilt … lach. muss am essen liegen.??:laugh:?:laugh:?:fun:

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