Hot, Hot, Hot

Ok, this is what I call the summer in the Central Valley… it’s freakin’ hot here today. It’s about 104°F (= 39°C) and that’s definitely out of my comfort zone. I went for a walk with Jon the other night and the air was so thick and hot that I felt like I had to work really hard to get my breath in and out of my lungs. We walked for over an hour and I was exhausted afterward and dozed off for half an hour on the couch. I am definitely not made for this sort of weather :( I am hoping the summer in Germany will be a little less intense for me… although I kind of fear the humidity that goes along with the heat in Germany. Here, the air is at least “dry”.

When I told my boss the other day that Monday will be the last day I’ll be coming in to work (because I’ll leave in a week after that), he was kind of shocked to realize that it’s already the middle of July. Yeah, time is running! He got kind of nervous, because we have to wrap some things up (for a publication :) on which I’ll be the co-author :)) before I leave and I could tell he’s not happy about not having me around for a couple of weeks. Makes him appreciate me and my work even more when I get back! :)

Last night, Jon and Aaron went to the Bay Area and I spent the evening with Maria. First we watched the latest episode of “Summerland” (perfect timing by the way… the season finale will be on Monday and the new season probably won’t start before I am back ! Lucky me :)) and then we made some dinner.
Afterwards we watched “How to lose a guy in 10 days”… and I was definitely positively surprised how witty and funny it was. Most romantic comedies are pretty “stupid” at times, but this one was really refreshing with quite some funny dialogs. I went to bed pretty late, because we chatted for a while after the movie…
but Maria made it up to me for keeping me up so late by coming over and making me waffles with strawberries for breakfast *yummy* it was a pleasant start into the day :)

  1. Thats awesome that you and Maria are becoming good friends… sometimes I have found it hard getting on with Greg’s friends wives (cause just because he is friends with the guy doesnt mean that I will get on with the wife lmao) but it sounds like its working out nicely :-) Can she come over and make me waffles for breakfast too?? :-)
    I can’t believe its sooo hot over there… its like 15 degrees here and people are walking around in winter coats and scarfs… (see my diary for my knitting adventure lmao)….
    Not long now :-) and you will be back in Germany…. I hope Jon understands the important job he will be playing in collecting your mail while you are away lmao!! I have my fingers crossed that my letter arrives before you leave :-)
    I miss ya heaps and cant wait to hear about your catch up with Sanni, Ilka and everyone else
    Love ya and miss ya like crazy
    Ps I also liked lose a guy in 10 days… yummo Matthew and I liked Kate hudson in it too :-)

  2. Oh I loved that movie!!
    How neat that you are the co-author of that publication. Definitely cool!!!
    Hope it cools down a little bit on your side of the country. We’ve had so much humidity here lately, I have a hard time breathing. Iek! Stupid tropical moisture! Ah well..
    Big hug! I know I need to update my xanga…. been too busy and lazy. ;-) Well, and now I have to go grocery shopping sooo…
    Take care!

  3. i CANNOT BELIEVE YOU’RE ACTUALLY COMING. FINALLY! I’M SO EXCITED okay i’m gonna stop yelling now :-D but i can’t wait!!! and i think it’s really good gerald gets to miss u a little bit for a few weeks. keeps him on his toes and will make hime appreciate you more. who knows how long you’ll end up working there… ;-) {v} ya

  4. hon, thanx for the awesome talk yesterday. we 2 funny and confused ones. lol?:p i like that movie, too. it is fun. and i love both actors very much. espcially the male one, of coarse…?:wink: i really can’t believe having you over so soon. after trying so many times to see ya. been so near to you twice and didn’t made it.??:jealous:?:cry: but next time i promise to come.??:yes: in case those mothaf*****s let me in again. sigh!!!
    it’s good to hear that you finally enjoy being around maria. and you guys seem to get along much better. i mean you don’t have to be best friends, but getting along helps to stand people, right?
    well, have a wonderful one. did you get the copy btw?
    ?:heartbeat: ya with all my heart

  5. i love that movie!!!??:laugh: soooo funny. wow, its very hot over there, sure it is because of the weather????:lol: i cant believe you will go back home so sooooon. how about you come over here first??????:p love ya.??:heartbeat:

  6. Oh that would be awesome! How long are you there?

  7. Au das wär ja priiiima!!!??:sunny:

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