I hope you all have voted already…

Just in case you haven’t… please go here: https://www.dancingwiththestars.abc.com and vote for Joe and his partnerAshly. The show is on TV?again tonight and I hope they’ll make it to the next round again!What’s new here? Not much… except that I’ve been dealing with more paperwork the last two days. Applying for the waiver (even though I don’t even know if I need it or not) is a mess. Gerald was really helpful yesterday and pretty much worked on the application with me all day! He wrote?a long statement why he wants me to keep working for the USGS and I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork as well.
The funny thing is… when I called the International Program Office last week, they told me that they can’t apply for a waiver for me, when Gerald called there Monday they were very helpful and provided him with information :( just great that you have to be “higher up in the food chain” to get what you want…

Anyways, I had to come up with a curriculum vitae (that looks a little different from a resumé) and try to puff it up a little and write about all my experience here (since this is my first real job after finishing college). I worked on it at work and for another two hours last night.

The most frustrating thing about the paperwork is … you follow the instructions on the Department of State website and it tells you which documents you have to submit and then you fill out the online form and everything and at the end you print it out and it gives you a checklist (to make sure you have all documents gathered) and then there are documents on the checklist that hadn’t been listed on the instruction page.
So I call the State Department [being on the phone for 10 minutes to listen through all the automated messages before you finally get to talk to a real person] and they don’t even know what I am talking about… and these people call themselves “visa specialists” *pah*

Sorry for making you listen to all this crap and you probably understand only half of what I am talking about, but it just feels good to write it down. Jon doesn’t want to listen to this bullshit anymore, so I need to vent to someone else.. YOU! *lol*

  1. first up – good to see you have your priorities right – people you need to go vote! go do it now… you know you want to…. oh come on…. go on go vote…. please… ya know you want to…….*why does it sound like I am begging???:giggle:”
    secondly – san – I think you should give up the whole visa things – its obviously too much trouble with all the paper work…. you should just give it up and move to Australia – I will adopt you – you dont need a visa for that??:lol: and you can bring Jon too… we can adopt him too??:giggle: – keep ya chin up hun – I am sure after all the work you have put in that it will sort it self out though for the live of me I cant work out the difference between a resume and a cv? we call them both the same thing over here.?:spinning: the differences between here and there make my head spin??:spinning: its either that or I REALLY like this emoticon??:spinning:?:spinning: lol
    I can’t believe Jon doesnt wait to listen to you vent any more! Do I need to go slap him round for ya? lmao or what was that phrase you used on Sanni’s diary? “kick his ass lmao”?:giggle:
    Lastly but just as importantly…. why aer you reading this when you can be voting for Joe??? go on – off you go, – click on this link https://www.dancingwiththestars.abc.com?and vote vote vote vote!!!?:p
    Ok I will shut up now lmao
    Love ya sis – and hugs to everyone else

  2. hey sis, that’s so sweet that you would adopt me (when can i come over???? )but if you adopt jon as well, doesn’t that make him my brother????? not good?????:nono:?:laugh:i am going to keep my chin up… and by the way, i guess the difference between a resumé and a cv is that you put an objective on the resume, but not on the cv on which you put more emphasis on your work experience and achievements… if that makes sense.didn’t i send you my resumé??:lookaround:?
    oh yeah, and i guess a little kick in jon’s butt would work wonders???:lol: and he would listen to me again??
    love you sis??:heartbeat:? sannie

  3. opps yeah – didnt mean to make you brother and sister…. um I am sure I could find someone I know to adopt him lmao – you could fly back with me in October??? hopefully by then I will need a live in babysitter lmao though I am sure we have earthquakes and geological stuff happening here too??:p
    Nup – I didnt get your resume…. god damn – I hate the email system and the postal servcies is 2nd on my hate list lmao well only when they suck -normally i am a big fan of both lol I will email my resume – this is what australians do… and as I said we use the words cv and resume to mean what I am sending you. There may be some? typos since I havent proof read it cause before I finished it I decided to not look for jobs until after I get back from america.
    Miss ya most

  4. first off — vent on, baby :goodjob: . we’re here to listen and it’s not like you haven’t been listening to the same crap from me for the last two years or so. remember how we talked about the topics we had a year ago? “same procedure…” pretty frustrating, i know… we’ve GOT TO GET A BREAK for f*cks sake [sorry, but.. ] now, anyway — everything’s gonna be okay and the fact that gerald actually sits down and puts time AND efford in it [finally] is a good sign. and you know if you don’t find anything once you’re back here you can always work as a US-immigration-visa-specialist now :lol: .it’s time for a talk, girl! :heartbeat: ya &

  5. oh boy…poor you…sucks…hope all the chaos will be over soon. how annoying.??:(? i send you??:sunny:. and by the way, sorry i make you write my dentist thing, i totally forgot how busy you must be right now…?:cry: sorry. send you hugs and miss ya

  6. honey i really do hope that that damn paperwork crap now finally brings results.?:yes:?:yes:?:sunny: surely i am still voting for joe and wanna see that damn show on german tv,too. i am jealous. send you a lot of love and will post and write emails later?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:

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