I start wondering if this is “normal”…

honestly, I am not sure if this is just bad luck or if everything that’s happening to me regarding paperwork in the US is standard. If this is the case, they have some serious improvement to do. It seems like I am attracting every single problem possible… I mean, if you think about it… it started off last year when I found out that my International Program officer hadn’t put my data into SEVIS (the new online system of the Department of Homeland Security) and I had to wait 4,5 months to get this fixed (in which I wasn’t able to get paid). Then I was transferred to the Temp Agency which after working for them for 7 (!) months, found out that they didn’t “know” that I am a foreigner [hello? I have a J-1 visa which I had to show them on the day I started my assignment] and therefore had to terminate my contract immediately in May. Nevertheless, I got a deposit in my bank account for the holiday pay (May, 31) which I shouldn’t have received, because my assignemnt ended before that day.Now there was this problem with the two-year home requirement rule (2YHRR) where obviously someone screwed up, because my Program Officer says I am subject to this rule and my visa states the opposite. Is it asking too much that these people do their job and do it right??? I should start laughing about this… seriously. I mean, that’s a joke, isn’t it? :) Michelle from my office said she’s amazed how calm and patient I am about all this (I told her “Believe me, I am NOT *lol*).

Well, I sent of a request for an Advisory opinion to the Department of State about the 2YHRR, at the same time my boss will help to apply for the waiver just in case I fall under this rule… and then my new sponsor will also go ahead and get my application for the H-1B visa ready.
At least, we’re doing something! Fortunately, we can have these three processes run at the same time!
So, I am planning to go home by the end of July and hopefully return sometime in early September. That would be ideal… ;) I would still be not working for about 6 weeks, I guess, but that would be ok.

Thanks for all your mental support and for crossing your fingers! I’ll start with a lazy evening tonight. Btw, because Jon left for Ventura and I am going to have the whole weekend all to myself :) We haven’t been separated for more than 1 night in the last 1.5 years, so this is our first little test before I go to Germany :)

Love ya all.

Edited: Forgot to mention that you ALL have to vote for Joe on https://www.dancingwiththestars.abc.com/ so he and his partner will make it to the next round. Thanks :)

  1. Sis – I am sorry you are going through all this but I just know it all will work out for you :-) It must feel better to actuallu be doing something about it now though :-) Anyway i ahve my fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed for you… though damn it is uncomfrtable??:giggle:
    what am I sayiing? I also have all that crossed for me to that you are back in early sept for us to meet :-)
    Love you and miss you like crazy
    Have an awesome weekend to yourself… using my jedi mind trick I can see you doing scrapping, chatting and catching up on mail while watching Elvis movies or SITC LMAO??:lol:
    ?:love: C.xoxxo

  2. Cathy,
    you’re getting really good at the Jedi Mindtrick, sis :lol: I am going to have an awesome weekend… but I might watch Joe dance again or Summerland on repeat :giggle: I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend too :yes: BTW, I hope you’re not too uncomfortable crossing all these fingers, toes, arms and legs :laugh::heartbeat: ya tonz, san xoxo

  3. I can´t believe what you have to go through. And I won´t ever believe that his is “normal”. But as a reward you´ll meet Cathy in September (I KNOW; this is MY Jedi mindtrick once again *lol*) {v}
    Enjoy your weekend, hun! I hope you´ll be able to sleep without Jon beside you??:love:
    Love you tonz

  4. good god, this is sooooooo annoying. but working for an us company….i can totally feel how annoying all that shit is.?:yes: surely i am still keeping everything i have for you crossed.?:) and surely i want you to be here in august ;-) but i also wish you to stay another year in sacramento, because you would like to. and surely i wanna see where and how you live there. *völliguneingenützig*?:p
    i know that it will be kinda strange to be seperated from jon for a whole weekend or for a whole month when coming back to germany. but then you will have me??:giggle: but a weekend for yourself will be a good experience, i guess.
    will talk to you later today ;-)

  5. ach maus, das tut mir alle total leid, wünschte ich könnte dir bei was helfen? heul. echt ein scheiss. mensch. hoffe das ihr da ganz schnell ne lösung findet und schade das du nach deutschland kommst, wenn ich schon weg bin, was willste dann noch hier? hehe.?:heartbeat: sorry das jon dich verlässt übers wochenende, aber das schaffst du doch mit links kleine maus! knutsch dich lieb

  6. honey, i’m sorry i missed all that crap while i was gone. luckily there are the other chicas here to count on as moral support :goodjob:. we’ll definetely have to catch up now that i’m back :(. and i have to say i’m excited about you coming in august and you know my fingers are always crossed for your stupid paperwork to be worked out asap!! hope the night alone was okay. as from tonight that’s what i’m gonna have again until godonlyknows.. :( oh well, still lots of :love: and from (rainy, who would have thought..) bremen!

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