The concert

Well, since everyone is talking about anniversaries… I am a little late, but I had an anniversary to celebrate as well :)
I went to see Joe McIntyre last year on May,27th… I mentioned that this was my special day this year as well, as I also received my notebook that day!
Anyways, I don’t think I posted any pictures, so it’s my turn now…




Isn’t he just gorgeous? It was a fantastic concert and I was soooo close to the stage! I love these small concerts in small clubs! :) I actually do like that he’s not as big as in NKOTB times anymore – makes it less stressful to go and see him perform! ;)

Good night everyone!

  1. oh cutiepups, i dont think he is gorgeous, but because its you i will agree.??:laugh: i would love to go to a concert again!! send you a??:heartbeat: and thank you for your sweet comment on my side!!! have a great weeked cutiepups!

  2. he is so gorgeous lol Thanks sis – what a nice thing to check out before I go on a long weekend :-)
    I so have my fingers crossed he does a couple of shows in Sept in LA ofcourse lol wouldnt that be like the ultimate thing since he brought us together so many years ago??:giggle:
    ?:love: ya – have an awesome weekend and I will catch ya on Tuesday :-)

  3. I can tell you from my experience that visiting a concert of YOUR star together with your best friend which you got to know through your star IS the ULTIMATE THING!!!!!!! I so hope for you that this will happen, once. It is a lifetime experience.
    Well, visiting Joe´s concert with Jon was a lifetime experience anyways, I guess. Happy anniversary, San {v}
    P.S.: Won´t comment on if he´s gorgeous or not…I am afraid of Cathy *lmao*

  4. I saw him dancing on some show on ABC the other night :-) Funny!!

  5. ?:sunny:?:sunny:?:sunny: you know that i adore those pics. really do. he is such a cutie-pie. have to let my connections play in boston. amy? you know that you are my best friend…may i have a date with joe???:love:?:love:?:love: hmm,i seem to be the only one who doesn’t have any anniversary to celebrate.??:whocares:
    love ya with all my heart

  6. ?:goodjob: wow, you must have been directly in front of the stage!??:fun:

  7. Joe….lebt noch? und singt???:lol:Wusst ich gar nicht…shame on me….aber der is ja echt knuffig ;-)Hey….thanks fuer die Glueckwuensche!Hab versucht die Tage anzurufen, aber da ging nur der AB dran undich wusst nu nicht, ob die Nummer noch aktuell is…nicht das ich danem Fremden was auf deutsch drauflabber und der sich tagelang wundert,was die Frauenstimme wohl sagt??:giggle:HUG,Tanja

  8. hi sweety.
    oh yes he ist gorgeous??:wink: hehe war ja auch n großer fan von NKOTB??:shysmile:
    wünsch dir noch n schönes We
    Liebe Grüß aus dem kalten HH??:( will sonneeeeee?:sunny:

  9. Hallo Engel!!
    Da bin ich??:yes:
    ?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:HDL und miss you too!!??:wave:
    ?:sunny: aus Garmisch!

  10. I am so glad that Sanni has learnt what happens when she is mean to joe lmao and yes you CAN agree that Joe is gorgeous lol

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