Hello from Ventura…

yes, we finally made it down here. I worked yesterday until 4 p.m. and then Jon, Aaron and Maria picked me up and we made our way down here. 6 hours…
I didn’t really feel like being in the car for so long, but I slept for the first 2 hours (I must have been real tired ;)) and then we stopped to get gas and get something to eat. I had hardly eaten anything all day, so I was really hungry, but all you can get along the highway is pretty much fast food… and plenty of that! We decided to go to Burger King (which seemed to be the only bearable fast food chain where we stopped) and I got some chicken tenders and fries. What a healthy meal :) I had an orange afterwards which made me feel better *lol*

We made it to Ventura by 11.30 p.m., because we had to drop of Aaron and Maria at his Mom’s house in Ojai and we also stopped at the beach (always our first stop! :)) to listen to the ocean for a little bit.
Jon’s Mom was still up and very happy to see us, so we talked for a little bit and went to bed around 12:30 a.m.
Now the sun is shining and I am looking forward to a good time down here…we probably going to drive down to Malibu/Santa Monica on Highway 1 later and go to the beach :)
I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, too!
Love you all!

  1. Hi Sannie,
    this sounds like so much fun!! enjoy the sun and the beach and everything and have a wonderful weekend, too!??:sunny:

  2. ?:wave: mermaid…lol
    i wish i could listen to the sound of the ocean,too. it must be so cool to leave near the sea.?:( we had a good thunderstorm. well, i really hope you guys will have an awesome time dowm there. i have to tell ya a lot when you come back.??:wink:??:heartbeat:ya and miss ya like crazy.
    tell jon i said hi?:wave:

  3. oh maus das klingt klasse, geniess die zeit dort und ich kann nicht warten dich endlich mal in “natura” ganz doll zu knuffeln, danke für alles was du bisher schon für mich getan hast. du bist mir verdammt wichtig geworden und ich wüsste nicht was ich ohne dich machen würde. danke fürs zuhören, tipps geben und überhaupt.??:heartbeat: du bist echt nen schatz, DANKE ganz doll. ich sende dir??:sunny: zurück. lieb dich süsse. grüsse an jon und geniesst euer wochenende, ja? bussi

  4. you are going to santa monica???:eek: without me???:wha: whom will you pa a ride with the giant rad then? *lol*
    have a great time!??:heartbeat: you!
    p.s.: email is in progress ;-)

  5. Just wanted to say HAVE A GREAT TIME down there! Lots of??:sunny: & fun!??:)

  6. hi maus, just a quick hi and from indiana. hope you had a great weekend and for once i can say the weather where i am is probably just as nice as over there :-D {v} ya lots!!

  7. well?? did you have an awesome time or what????:lol: hey do you get on with Jon’s family? we just got invited? to a Christmas in June lol at Greg’s sista’s place and Greg is working so?I wasn’t going to go ( they are all nice to me but when Greg isn’t there I just dont feel like apart of their family) and then Greg’s mum called me and told me that she and Greg’s sister would be picking me up and that was that lol so I guess I am going lol

  8. How fun!? Are you still down there?? Awww, I wish I could take a quick vacation…although I am going down to LA, Orange County, and Riverside tomorrow night until Monday!? Yay!? It’ll be a nice break from all this stress at work!???:spinning:

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