Almost a good start into the week…

I came home Friday night and Jon’s like “Sandra, our computer won’t boot up again”. I got all freaked out, because where would I be without my computer??? Besides, all my photos, files, letters were on the machine and I hadn’t made burned copies from all of them.
We first got something to eat, watched the Kings vs. Portland Trail Blazers (they won 119:115 :) YES!) and then I tried to figure out how to repair the computer. The screen said that a registry file was missing and that we could attempt to repair it with the original windows CD. Since a friend of Jon’s had put Windows on our computer, I didn’t even know if we had the right CD, but I found one labeled Windows XP and put it in the CD drive and then ran a Diskcheck over night…

and sure enough, I – the computer genius- had fixed the computer and I was able to boot up the next morning! I was so relieved :)

I went running (which really made me feel even better) and then chatted with my Cousin for a little bit (he let me watch over his web cam how he and his friend were watching “The Ring 2” *lol*) and then I watched “The Yellow Submarine” with Jon. A very curious movie, I must say ;)

Later we got ready to go to Davis. We were invited for dinner by our old neighbor from Ivy Towne Apartments, Scott. He’s in his early 40’s and lives with his 16-year-old son and a lesbian couple in a house in Davis now. I think that’s just awesome! In Germany there would never be housing arrangements like that!

He made his famous Tacos for us and self-made tortilla chips which were delicious. We really had a great time!
We brought some French apple pie for dessert and we watched “High Fidelity” later… a really cool movie with John Cusack.

Sunday we got up at 10:30 am and Jon was starving, so we went to Bakers Square for Breakfast. I thought we would make it back in time for Sanni’s call at 11:30 am, but unfortunately we didn’t. It turned out later that our phone was unplugged and nobody could reach us anyways. Great :( how did that happen??

I apologize for any inconvenience I caused for anyone who wanted to call us that day!

I had a little chat with my cousin and he was so cute. He’s 14 now and he’s like a little brother to me and right now it’s seems like I can really reach him and get on one level with him… he tells me a lot of stuff and even told me that weekend that he wished I was his sister *sigh* isn’t that cute? I was so touched by this. I love him to death and it really means a lot to me to be so close to him. Which 14-year-old would call his 29-ear-old cousin his “sister”? *lol* :)

We watched the Kings vs. LA Lakers at noon and they won again :) (124:105) it was an awesome game! It’s just so much fun to have a lazy Sunday afternoon with a NBA game on TV :)

I went shopping afterward and missed another call of my dear friends.. Cathy (I am so sorry!)

I made a really nice Sirloin Tip Roast for dinner with tiny Dutch Yellow potatoes and peas and carrots. It was delicious. I should try more recipes more often!

And now it’s Monday again. I hope you guys had a good weekend, too. I didn’t worry too much about the tax stuff, because I was supposed to get a call from the Temp Agency today, but of course they haven’t called yet and it’s almost 5 pm. Terrific :( I’ll give them a call tomorrow morning again… yeah, it’s ONLY the 11th today… no need to worry. *haha* :(

So, have a good start into the new week…

  1. Awwwww, your cousin sounds cute!!!

  2. Yay ´Maus! Bin so happy für dich!!! Schön, dass sie nun bescheid wissen. Hoffe Deiner SChwester geht es besser. Ist bestimmt net leicht so ohne Zwilling….

  3. hun, i really hope you can work out that tax-crap soon. so annoying.. *hugs*

  4. Be glad that your cousin is not like “my franky” in USA, he was 13 and such a pain in the butt. sniff. It´s really cute. And hey, woman can fix anything, can´t they? ;-)

  5. mensch, das hatte ich ja noch gar nicht mitbekommen!!!! du hast also ein angebot dort länger zu bleiben?? wie geil bitte! also ich mein, dann schaffe ichs ja vielleicht auch noch mal euch zu besuchen!!! hihi. wat sagt denn john dazu? will er nicht unbedingt nach deutschland? hehe. ach mensch, wie schön das deine eltern so reagiert haben!!! klasse!!! siehste, alles wird gut!!! (und das sage ich??? ;-) )

  6. hey cutie,
    glad you finally got the rock from your heart to tell your parents the latest news. and they reacted cool. cool that we saw each other today(for me) in the chat.

  7. dass ich mich besonders über eine verlängerung freuen würde muss ich ja nicht sagen, woll? du hast ja nochwas gut bei mir.

  8. I agree? – I am very happy you finally got that off your chest and no longer have to worry about it (telling your parents) :-)
    and yes your cousin is a cutie – its great that you are sooo close
    love ya

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