There has been this little tit outside of my  window for the past three days. It is so cute. It’s really fun to watch it and it’s so pretty [much more pretty than the common sparrow or blackbird ;)] I am hoping it will build a nest in our hedge, so I can see some baby tits this summer!

Saturday I went to see Sabine. I hit a lot of traffic driving on the Autobahn and I was wondering if there had been some kind of accident or something, when it dawned on me that all the traffic was because of the soccer game Mönchengladbach – Köln. My sister went to see that game, too. She’s a big soccer fan [which comes naturally if you’re in a relationship with a soccer player, I guess ;)] while I don’t really care about it at all. In fact, I was really annoyed by the traffic and was swearing about the soccer mania *lol*
Anyway, Sabine had invited me for some coffee, because it was her birthday last week :) We had a great time, chatted about this and that and reminisced about the past.

In the evening, I watched “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” not that I am a big fan of the show or anything, but there was nothing else on TV and sometimes it’s quite entertaining to watch that show. Unfortunately -unless I am misinformed- the winners of these shows never make it big, or does anyone still know who Alexander was?! I think it’s really sad, because some of these guys are really good singers and they’re abused for Dieter Bohlen’s music business.

Yesterday we had some of my parents’ friends over in the afternoon and my Mom made “waffles with hot cherries and whipped cream” *yummy* I just love having coffee and cake with my parents and we had a nice afternoon – like the perfect Sunday for me :)
In the evening I watched “Die Sturmflut” [The storm surge] with my Mom – a movie based on the devastating surge in Hamburg in 1962. The main actors are Benno Führmann, Heiner Lauterbach, Jan Josef Liefers and Katja Uhl (and some other big names of German TV]. I enjoy watching German movies right now and there definitely are some good German movies to be seen.

I hope you all had a good weekend, too :)