The color blue

Yeah, I am usually a very “blue” person… which just means I LOVE the color blue, but I felt like changing my xanga-style, so I hope you like the beautiful pink flowers :)
Blue reminds me of something… do you guys like these cute sets of hoodies and pants :) I really do like them and I am thinking about getting this one in blue… they just look so comfy!

Last night I watched this movie, “Two Weeks Notice” with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. I somehow assumed that it’s going to be a romantic comedy and I guess it was…kind of… but I just expected a little more from the movie. I must say that I like Sandra Bullock as an actress though… and I think she’s pretty, but Jon said that most (American) men don’t find her attractive at all would you agree with that? I was a little bit surprised… just because she doesn’t look like every other Hollywood-beauty, doesn’t mean that she’s ugly!

  1. Hi Sis, Yep love the change… its always nice for something different :)
    I actually loved 2 weeks notice… hugh grant’s character is such an ass that I laughed through alot of it :-) She’s actually in australia at the moment promoting Miss Congeniality 2 (which I must admit looks alot like Miss Congeniality 1) though I shouldnt comment till I have actually seen it lol

  2. You got pink, I got blue… hmmmmm…. ;-) Love it!!
    I think Sandra Bullock is pretty but not as in super hot and standing above normal people. If that makes sense… She seems more down to earth than the other Hollywood divas. I also liked 2 weeks notice. Sorry, you didn’t :(.

  3. i {v} the new look (the writing is just maybe a tiny bit too light to read well..?) and i absolutely love those combinations. i think they absolutely look comfy. go get them ;-)

  4. @ kim: you’re right honey…this color looks better, doesn’t it?? ;-) thanks for your comment.

  5. Hey I’m back in Okla now :) Was really great to meet you last weekend! I am in the process of picking out pictures, then resizing and renaming them to put them online. Can you send me the pictures of us that we took by e-mail? Would be great :) Thanks. It’s viviane / (/ = @)

  6. Yeah I’ll send them. I was thinking though it’d be better to put them on a CD and then send them by mail seeing as there are so many. Is that okay for you? E-mail me with your mailing address if it is. :)

  7. Hey no I haven’t gotten your e-mail yet :( I’ll e-mail you!

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