Short update

Yay :) it’s Tuesday again and that means… Sex and the City is on tonight!! That’s really what I need right now. I had a crappy night and the day wasn’t better, because I have PMS, well actually without the “P” *lol* and I definitely need NOT to move tonight and lie on the couch with my heat pad and a blanket.

Yesterday work was pretty frustrating, because there was one problem in the software that I am working with and I just couldn’t figure it out. And that sucks. I get so impatient and really frustrated and just want to go home. They changed one feature from the earlier version to the newer version of the software, but the Reference Guide hasn’t been updated yet, so it was really pointless trying to find a hint on what to do in the manual.
Today though, I figured out what to do and it seemed so easy… oh well.

Anyways, I better finish up, because J’s picking me up shortly. Take care!

  1. Hey Sannie :-) Hope you feel better today! Those working days truly s****, just had one today…

  2. Hope Wednesday is giving you more joy Sis :-)
    Big Hugs

  3. I used to watch SATC a lot but I don’t at the moment. I guess I just don’t watch much TV in general. Only 24 Monday nights is a must-see!Btw, I thought you’d probably ask anyway… You can download the new LH song here: :D

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