Five Things Friday Vol. 70

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

I’ve been spending a few days in the Bay Area with my friend Susi this week (the perks of remote work), and it’s been lovely to escape the heat in Sacramento. The Bay Area is so much cooler in the summer (and most people who come to San Francisco forget that summer is usually NOT the best time to visit, although it’s a known fact). It’s been nice to work remotely and to get to spend some time with my friend.

*   *   *

While I was at Susi’s place, I was able to continue my Peloton workout regime because not only does she have the bike, but also the tread. Cue my excitement. I have been dying to try out the tread (although I knew beforehand that trying it out would not be good for me. Because now I want one. Haha. Go figure!) It was great though to do my V02 Max Run on the tread and just “set the pace” for the speed intervals. So different from running outside. I realize both have their advantages and disadvantages though. 

*   *   *

I also ran into Meike this week. What a coincidence. I knew she lived close to my friend Susi, I knew her kids went to the same German school in the East Bay, and apparently her daughter is attending the same summer camp as Susi’s daughter. It’s a small world. But I did not expect to run into her this week. So cool to meet her in person though.

*   *   *

Last week, I was contacted by a colleague who asked me about project work from – wait for it! – 5 years ago. Do you think I remember what I did on this one specific spreadsheet 5 years ago? 

I often work on smaller project tasks that I then pass on to other colleagues and I just wish that they would look at what I gave them in a timely manner, so I could address any questions right away. But no, the work sits and sits, and then they come back to me 5 years later when they’re ready to publish for clarifications. SMH. I do try to keep very detailed notes, but I still struggle wrapping my head around things again that I haven’t thought about in years. So this week, I had to spend a chunk of time (that I didn’t have) on the annoying task of digging out files and notes for that project. Does this happen to you?

*   *   *

No update from the tile saga! We haven’t heard back from the landlord or handyman when in August they’re planning to get the kitchen floor done. The landlady said that she would talk to the handyman and give us a couple of date ranges, but so far nothing. 

How was your week?

  1. So awesome to get to spend time with your friend! And to meet another blogger sounds really fun, too.

    Oh my goodness – WHAT are your colleagues thinking?! Five years is much too time to expect someone to remember a work product!

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. And I am glad you’re appalled as I am about the 5-year gap!

  2. so great that your friend has peloton too. I definitely prefer running outside than treadmill. somehow speed run feels harder on the treadmill. I wouldn’t only do it if it’s raining. i feel mentally trapped when running on the TM.
    I totally forget my previous work. I had to revisit my dissertation and it took me few days to remember what I did. Go figure how “smart” is our brain to archive not useful information. :)

    1. I prefer running outside, too, but it’s nice to have the option (e.g. when it’s cold/hot or dark because I won’t run by myself outdoors at those times).

      Haha, you’re right – our brains are smart only to retain what is important ;)

  3. Was so fun to run into you! I did not see that coming but it made my day.
    I do have to look up data from every ones in a while from a couple years back either to replicate a specific protocol or to confirm things for publications. Thanks to online notebooks it had become way easier. Typing something in the search bar is way easier then going through a stack of notebooks by hand.

    1. That was so cool, but really unexcpected to run into you :)

      I have most of my notes digital now too and you’re right, at least things are easier to find because you can search for them! :)

  4. Oh this is amazing that you happened to run into Meike and then unexpectedly too. The world truely is small. Also how amazing you got to do some remote work from your friends. I am happy that at least that is a good outcome from the pandemic that remote work is so much more accepted.

    Going back five year… I would not be able to know the fine details.

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks that asking about a project 5 years later is insane! ;)

  5. Wow! How crazy to meet another blogger in the wild! What a crazy world we live in.

    I don’t want to be too excited for you, but I think this came through at the right time in Feedly! It wasn’t part of a batch of posts! Yay!!!!

    1. Engie! I noticed but didn’t want to jinx it… it looks like maybe my posts are coming through again at the right time?! Fingers crossed!!

  6. Oh goodness…that tile saga?! You know I can relate. Renos and home repairs can be the ultimate in frustrating experiences.

    And yes – Feedly is working now!!!

    1. Thank you for commiserating – I know you know a thing or two about renos and repairs! Ugh.
      And yay about Feedly – I am cautiously optimistic!! Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Hi San, I find it infuriating when a colleague asks for something from that long ago. I usually just find the file/spreadsheet, attach it to the email and say something like “here is the file” in between the lines hinting at “seriously, it’s way been too long, you are on your own with this one.”

  8. “Do you think I remember what I did on this one specific spreadsheet 5 years ago?”

    I’m smiling because I had a similar thing happen to me when a former boss contacted me to ask… what for it… if I remembered the names of the shots we’d done at a bar we’d go to after work 10 years ago. I couldn’t remember not because I got too drunk back then, but because my brain only retains so much information. I politely said “no” and never heard from her again.

  9. Whoa – 5 years ago? That’s a lifetime ago! Who can retain that much information!

    How fun to get some extra time with a good friend – and to run into another friend! We almost overlapped in the Bay Area although I was in the south bay area.

  10. I went to a conference in SF in June. That was a rude awakening! I believe I purchased at least one sweatshirt/fleece. ;)
    Also – how wonderful to get time with your friend, get a reprieve from the weather, and ALSO have a random run in with another blogger! And – to clarify – a GOOD run in! :) Makes me wish we all lived closer so we could bump into each other randomly.
    I am convinced they will hem and haw about this danged tile until it disintegrates under your feet.

    1. Haha, yes, June in SF is a rude awakening. Next time you have to tell me when you’re “near me” ;)

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