Five Things Friday Vol. 50

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

Wednesday was Jon and my meet-aversary. 21 years. I wrote a bit about it last year. We didn’t do anything special on Wednesday. It was an office day for me, I came home a little late and we were both tired. But we did reminisce a bit about the day when we met.  I do NOT feel like it’s been that long, and then again, it feels longer. Haha. Anyone else? 

*  *  *

Speaking of Jon, I wanted to give you a quick update on the birthday preparations. If you recall, I had asked for some ideas on how to make this year’s birthday (the big 4-0) special and memorable. The good news is, I won’t be gone for fieldwork the week of his birthday after all, which means I’ll be home and able to organize a nice birthday surprise on the actual day of his birthday. Yay! I am really glad it worked out that way. You guys also gave me some great ideas, so thank you.

*  *  *

I am almost two-thirds through my half marathon training and so far, things are going well. I’ve been able to (mostly) stick to the training schedule and have been able to “execute” the workouts according to plan. However, one thing I struggle with is running my base runs slow. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re slower than my pace runs, for sure, but not really “slow” enough (I think)… I tend to run by feel, which means I run at whatever pace feels “good and sustainable” on a particular day (and that can vary!), and I think that is not necessarily bad per se, but I know that there are benefits of slowing down your pace considerably for base runs, but it’s just so hard to actually do. Tell me I am not the only one? 

*  *  *

You know what’s a super-satisfying snack (or in my case, lunch addition)? Turkey meatballs. Cold from the fridge. Easy to prepare in advance, nice addition of protein to any meal (salads, veggies). I just mix ground turkey, bread crumbs, an egg (optional) and Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute. Combine well, make small balls and fry in a pan until golden brown. Just a thought, if you want to try something new. 

*  *  *

If you are an iPhone user, have you updated to iOS 16 yet? You probably have, I was a little late to the party, but if not, what are you waiting for? It has some really cool new features, e.g. customization for (multiple) lock screens with widgets, edit and unsend of messages, scheduled emails, and more.

Have a great weekend. And if you’re in the US, I hope you get Monday off and it’s a long one!

  1. Do people really get Columbus Day off? Is that a thing? I’ve never worked anywhere that gave me the day off for that. And, honestly, I’d feel weird about it. It looks like my calendar has it labeled as both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day and just seeing them side by side like that makes me feel even worse about the whole thing. I am going to just treat like Monday like a normal day. :)

    I can’t wait to hear what the birthday plans are and how it goes!

    1. Well, I work for the federal government, so I get all federal holidays off… and since Biden made Columbus Day officially Indigenous People’s Day, I don’t feel too weird about having the day off anymore, esp. since we have a Native American Secretary of Interior :)

  2. My meet-a-versary with my husband (also 21 years!) is coming up in November. Actually, we probably met sometime in October, right around now I bet — but we first kissed on November 10, so that’s the date we use to measure our relationship. I agree with you 100% that it feels simultaneously like forever and like no time at all has passed.

    The turkey meatballs idea is a good one! I don’t like turkey but my husband does and he is often looking for creative meals he can eat cold.

    My daughter doesn’t get the day off Monday, which is fine with me because we just had two consecutive four-day weeks for Jewish holidays. And then in two weeks she has a three-day week for teacher conferences! Hope you enjoy the long weekend. :-)

  3. We have Monday off in Canada…because it’s Thanksgiving for us!!

  4. So happy, you are going to be home on Jon’s birthday! Hope you guys can make it a special one.

  5. Happy anniversary. 21 years is a long time and yet it flies by. I get it. I have the same feeling at times and can hardly believe its been 17 years for us.
    Glad all worked out. and you can celebrate Jons b-day together.

  6. I…don’t know if I’ve updated or not. Hmm. I’ll have to check.
    It’s Thanksgiving weekend here, so I am enjoying the long weekend!

  7. My meetaversary was last week, too. We met 10 years ago! I mentioned it to Phil and reminisced a bit about it. A lot sure has changed in 10 years!

    The bond market is closed today but we don’t get the day off. But it’s a busy time for us as the month after a quarter ends is very busy. But we aren’t getting a lot of questions so a lot of our clients must have the day off.

  8. I updated my iPhone but I didn’t realize I could add widgets to the lock screen. Going to play around with it!

    I’m so glad you are going to be home for Jon’s birthday. Excited to hear what you are planning for him!

  9. Oh, yay on Jon’s birthday – how lovely for both of you! And congratulations on your meetiversary. :) I know you’ve shared the story and it makes me smile to think of it as you celebrate it (albeit now, a few weeks ago, sigh…). No turkey meatballs for me, but it is a great idea for those who eat turkey! Easy protein is my favorite.

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