Currently | February

SPENDING | 7 days in the desert for fieldwork. I got to drive a big 4WD truck, see the desert sunrise quite a few times, and “babysit” the GPS receiver for hours on end. It was a good week and I am looking forward to another field trip in March, but it also reminded me that fieldwork means long, exhausting days and that I wouldn’t want to do fieldwork/travel for work all the time. Do you travel for work?

READING | A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. I finally started book 6 of the Outlander Series.

ENJOYING | the morning sunrises on my runs, even though it’s been freezing here these last few weeks. I had to invest into some thermal running pants (which I never needed before), because I was literally freezing my butt off. Haha. I don’t know how you people in colder climates deal with outdoor running during the winter months. You’re hardcore.

GETTING READY | for my next half marathon. This week is taper week. I can’t believe race day is almost here. I haven’t run an “official” race in 3.5 years and I am excited.

WATCHING | Family Guy episodes with Jon. (As you might know, we’re not big into watching shows – I never know what the newest hype is – but we do enjoy the occasional random TV show re-runs.)

BUYING | goodies at Aldi. On my way home from fieldwork in Southern California, I had the chance to stop at an Aldi (the closest one to me is still 3 hours away) and I wanted to buy everything. Haha. The prices are really as cheap as people say and it pains me that we cannot take advantage of that more often.

FINISHING | the loop scarf for my mother-in-law. I gave it to her when she came to visit for a weekend at the beginning of the month and she loves it. It did turn out quite nice, if I may say so myself. Gradient yarn is just so fun to work with.

STOKED | about my new (good German craftsmanship) Miele vacuum cleaner. I’ve been cursing the old Dirt Devil Featherlight (which, by the way, was NOT by any means featherlight, but rather heavy and cumbersome) under my breath for quite some time and have been secretly wishing for a new vacuum cleaner. I usually need someone to “push” me a little bit to make bigger purchases, and my mother-in-law is pretty good at that… so she went vacuum cleaner shopping with me and also helped me pay for it (as a belated Christmas present). Needless to say, I am in vacuum cleaner heaven now (haha).

LOOKING FORWARD TO | a fun race weekend with friends and some quality girl time.

What is currently going on with you?

  1. You did get to see some gorgeous scenery while you were doing field work! I do understand that it’s exhausting, but I was a tiny bit jealous that it’s part of your job.

    I ADORE our Miele vacuum and will never go with anything else again! I bet you’ll love yours.

  2. Enjoy your taper! That is probably my favourite part of the training cycle, LOL. Good luck with the race.

    I’m with NGS … a little jealous of your fieldwork.

  3. Ha, you know you are an adult when you are excited about a new vacuum cleaner! Going to Aldi is like a field trip to me; I already like grocery shopping but especially love it when I can get a deal! My brother and I went to visit my grandmother in MA and we actually took off and went to Aldi and just walked around. I couldn’t buy much because we were flying but it was still very fun to peruse the aisles! I actually don’t even know when they came to the US since we don’t really have many in CA, but I remember going there in Europe ages ago. I also like Lidl.

  4. I have to say, there is NOTHING like German craftsmanship. We have never been disappointed by any German items we have bought.
    I do not run outside in winter. It’s not just the cold – I can run in temps down to around the freezing mark – it’s the ice. I am terrified of slipping on ice and breaking something. So if I don’t treadmill (which I haven’t been doing) I just do other cardio things and hope for the best come spring!
    Field work does sound exhausting – but also rewarding!

  5. My life is delightfully simple right now. I don’t take the ease of it lightly. It’s a blessing to be between home improvement projects and seasons. I haven’t been to an Aldi in ages, so I’ll correct that. Mine is about a 20 minute drive away but it is an inconvenient drive so I rarely go that way.

  6. I’ve used a Miele vacuum and it was incredible (though I also LOVE our robovac).

    That scarf is gorgeous, San! I love the gradient of colours.

  7. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you’re so far from an Aldi. We live near, like, three! Ha. And ugh, I used to travel once a quarter or so for work, but there’s no conceivable reason I’d ever need to travel for this job, which really bums me out. I could go for a LITTLE bit of it, you know?!

  8. Your fieldwork sounds fun, but yes, very exhausting! I don’t have to travel for work and I am A-OK with that. I think it would be very exhausting and anxiety-inducing for me, lol.

    How many more Outlander books do you have after this one?

  9. Aldi is THE BEST! Bummer that you don’t have one close to us. We buy so much stuff there! Their blueberries are the best. I don’t know how they do it or why their berries tend to be so much better than our big box store, and cheaper!

    You look so small next to that huge trip! I bet being on site is nice to do occasionally as a change in scenery can be nice. I am traveling about once/month but it’s usually for a max of 3 nights. I don’t mind it but I think others who don’t travel for work can sort of romanticize it. It’s fine and it’s part of my job but I’m happy that I can draw the line at (mostly) traveling once/month.

    I don’t mind running in the cold overall. It’s the ice/snowy conditions that I hate! But if it’s 0F or warmer, I will run. I have some slightly thicker running tights. I did get cold when we did that snowshoe race since we weren’t moving that fast. I saw someone that had a skirt that was like a quilted jacket type of material. I generally do NOT like running skirts but I can see the benefit of that to keep your butt warm!! But I don’t think I’d need it often enough to justify the cost. When it’s 20F or warmer, I am actually pretty comfortable, even in thinner running tights!

  10. The scarf is so beautiful!

    What goodies did you get at Aldi?

    I loved seeing your desert pics! We will be in the desert next month and I’m excited!

    Currently with me – enjoying a week at home before our trip to LA!

  11. It is always so interesting to see you out in the field. It looks so fun but I can imagine it is also very exhausting. Not only being away and traveling but being outdoors all day requires just another level of energy one (or at least I) doesn’t have when regularly sitting at the desk.

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