December Link List

Around the Interwebs

Do you have that problem in your neighborhood? How to keep packages from being stolen by porch pirates.

Try snacking on joy.

How to Tell Whether Someone Is Liberal or Conservative.

Instagram is over. What are your thoughts?

Are you doing it right? How to dress for cold weather.

25 words that are their own opposites. Language is fascinating!

Sarah might have been on to something. This is how often you should wash your bedsheets.

So, does nuclear fusion work now?

Expiration dates are meaningless. I rely on the sniff test.

Why you should clear your iPhone cache.

Around the blogosphere

I loved Lisa’s post about Filling the Advent Calendar: A Metaphor For Managing a Busy Life.

Jenny shared her recent faux pas of wearing a pajama top in public – but you know what? Spread holiday cheer however you can. You go, Jenny!

I am enjoying Elisabeth’s Top Five/Bottom Five posts. So fun.

Very interesting observation indeed, Rachel.


Free Holiday Gift Labels.

I love this. Dried citrus ornaments.

Cute! Mini crochet mitten ornament.

I am very much into simple, neutral decor. Here are some neutral and natural Christmas decor ideas.

For my runner friends


Holiday Foods you can find at Trader Joe’s.

Sourdough Chocolate Cookies. Time to use up some of that sourdough discard!

Creamy potato leek soup. This sounds delicious.

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  1. 1) I did NOT need to read about frostbite on my eyeballs! Oh, no! What a new thing to worry about!
    2) I can not imagine washing my bedsheets weekly. Are there people who actually do this?!
    3) The food label wars in household continue unabated. If something is past its sell by date, there is no way my husband is going to eat it. *Huge sigh* We definitely are part of the food waste problem.

  2. I love “snacking on joy!”

    I read Rachel’s post this morning and felt SO SEEN! She articulated things so well on this topic.

    I didn’t dare click the link on the sheet-washing article. I still refuse to tell the interwebs how often I wash my sheets but it is NOT once a week. I have known several people that wash their sheets DAILY!

  3. You’ve got some great links here! I didn’t want to click on the sheet-washing article but did anyway, and now I regret it. Well, MAYBE I’ll change my sheets a little more often now… maybe.
    Thanks for the shout-out. I’m still laughing at Nicole’s comment to that post, where she reassures me that it least it was a shirt and not a negligee, but then goes on to defend anyone who wants to wear a negligee in public. Hee hee!

  4. I always wash my sheets weekly, so I feel validated.
    The Instagram is over post reminds me of when Facebook was “over,” or that it was just taken over by people in their 40s and beyond. I like IG and FB, but I know my kids wouldn’t be caught dead on FB. It’s for “old people.”

  5. Thank you for the link shout-out! I sort of forgot writing that post… so found it interesting to read again.

    I like the McSweeny’s article a lot. I never read McSweenys but tend to love anything that people link to from there.

    I can’t click on the Trader Joes link because it will just make me sad at not having a TJs nearby…

  6. Thank you for the shout out!! So kind of you!!

    Well I have been off IG for over a year now and can say I don’t miss it. I don’t miss FB either. I don’t know about the changes that have been made but already was frustrated by the algorithms before the recent changes! And I am so not a video person so these reels are not a fit for me! But I am an old millennial!

    I do not wash my sheets weekly either. I used to do it every other week but fell off that habit. I know we are getting another set of flannel sheets for Christmas from my MIL. I am looking forward to having another set. I didn’t have 2 set of sheets until I was in my late 30s! That has made it easier to wash sheets more often than when I just had one set. But I only had 2 sets of our summer sheets!

  7. I’ve noticed that a lot of my Gen-Z friends/coworkers very rarely post on Instagram, whether in Stories or on their grid. Mostly, they just share funny Reels/memes from other accounts with their friends. So I think there is some truth to Instagram – or, at least, the sharing your life aspect of Instagram – being dead to younger generations. But I still love the app and I’m sticking to posting photos rather than videos.

    I am very disheartened by the sheet-washing article. I was hoping it would tell me that monthly is JUUUUST FINE. I am definitely not doing it weekly, and don’t plan on starting to do that. And I never wash my pillows! My pillowcases, yes, but the pillows themselves? Nah.

  8. That language post is mind blowing. I have never really thought about it but yeah… language is fascinating…

  9. OK, this is so late but I LOVED so many of these…
    * I’d already read about joy snacking and thought it was a great approach – much like Elisabeth’s joyfinding.
    * The liberals vs. conservatives piece made me laugh out loud.
    * My weekly sheet washing (and presumably twice-a-week pj washing) is vindicated by science! YES!
    * Sniff method all the way. Expiration dates mean nothing. I feel for Engie… my college roommate was similar to her spouse and that drove me bonkers. (I’m currently eating “expired” yogurt [um, it’s sour milk? and it’s not moldy?] and guacamole…]

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