April Link List

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Why making friends in midlife is so hard.

The kids are right about email, too.

Ignoring a Text Message or Email Isn’t Always Rude. Sometimes It’s Necessary.

The most ergonomic way of setting up your desk. Good tips!

What to do when the tips of plant leaves are brown.

Why the last 10 years of American life have been uniquely stupid.

Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, on Life Under Siege—and How Her Country Is Moving Forward.

In defense of being average.

Around the blogosphere

6 ways to get more turmeric in your diet. It’s good for you!

When It Comes to Friendships, It’s OK to Be the Planner.

How to Flip the Stress Switch.


Free Printable Mother’s Day Labels.

How to Journal – A Beginner’s Guide to Journaling.

For my runner friends

How To Properly Pace Different Runs. Helpful.

How Often Should You Run?

What To Eat Before Running in the Morning. What’s your go-to breakfast?


Oat flour crepes.

Lemon Pesto Burrata and Brown Butter Gnocchi. That sounds divine.

I’d like to make this: Thai Basil Fried Rice.

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  1. The link to ignoring a text message or e-mail seriously resonated with me.
    I’m finding that I don’t always have capacity to answer social texts/DM’s etc immediately and yes there are times that days/weeks go by (because I know a simple reply won’t be enough and I don’t have bandwidth for days of back and forth texting). What I find frustrating is when I haven’t responded and the sender continues texting a few days later, ensuring their message stays top of the queue.

    That Gnocchi looks and sounds absolutely delicious.

  2. You always find such good articles to link to! I found Laura Vanderkam’s article about being the planner in the friendship thought provoking. I am a planner by nature and sometimes I interpret the fact that I’m the one usually reaching out to mean I’m more invested in the friendship. But she makes a good point about how some just aren’t planners and if they are making plans when I reach out, they are invested in the friendship.

  3. If you haven’t read the Atavist story “American Hippo,” I feel like it’s a must read. It’s a longform article, so it’s quite a time investment, but it’s 100% worth every minute.

  4. Reading the one on how to make friends in midlife now… why is it so hard?? I think it’s especially so for people without kids – you don’t have that built-in parent network. Even if you don’t like all the people in it. ;)

    Also, thanks for the plant leaves link. One of my plants – a very hardy one – has had some brown and crispy leaves so I think it would like some more dirt and likely more frequent watering…

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