Five Things Friday Vol. 21

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

I am so happy to report that all packages from the Secret Santa Mug Swap have finally made it to their respective recipients. I did expect a little bit of a delay with the postal service this time around, but I didn’t think that this would drag so far into the new year. If you were one of the participants that had to wait for their package for quite a while, I appreciate your patience and understanding. I’d still love for you to share your Secret Santa Package with everyone. Look out for an email from me shortly! 

*  *  *

This is random, but if you ever buy pretzels as snacks, pick up Snyder’s Butter Snaps next time. They are so much better than the regular pretzels, IMHO. You’re welcome.

*  *  *

Our electric kettle, which we had for 10+ years, broke (well, started leaking) and we had to get a new one. I was set on getting a gooseneck kettle (because pour-over coffee ftw!), but most gooseneck kettles are too small (around 32 oz/1L capacity) for our daily use,  and so we went with a glass kettle with temperature control. Did you know, boiling water is too hot for pour-over coffee? The sweet spot is between 195F-205F. 

*  *  *

Out of curiosity, I started the process of tracking all grocery items that we buy this year (by month, category, and quantity). Tell me I am not crazy (I know I am, but I really want to get a better understanding of our grocery spending).

*  *  *

Work broke me stressed me out this week. Between computer issues, feeling like I am being micromanaged, and some miscommunication, it’s been quite a week and I am ready for the weekend. How about you?


  1. I’m curious to hear the outcome of the grocery tracking! I’ve been wanting to inventory certain things in our house and see how often we replace them, but I can never quite get around to it. I think it would be really interesting to see where the bulk of your grocery budget ends up going!

    1. Ha, that sounds like me… I’ve been thinking about tracking certain things and never got around to it. The new year seemed like a good point to try and make it happen.

  2. Oh man! The grocery tracking thing sounds like a lot of work! But it will be interesting to see what you learn!

    Sorry to hear about the work stress. That sucks. Being micromanaged is not fun. I’ve been lucky to rarely have that happen and my current boss is especially great. It’s nice to be treated like a responsible adult!

    1. I’ll probably report back about the grocery tracking… let’s see how it goes ;)
      Yes, it’s nice when you’re treated like a responsible adult.

  3. Whew, I was SO ready for this weekend, too. Can we get an extra day, orrrr?

    1. An extra day would be nice. I am not ready for Monday.

  4. Yay for all the swap packages finally making it! Postal service is definitely crazy these days.

    Sorry about the rough work week – I hope you are having a great, relaxing weekend.

    1. I am so glad USPS finally caught up on packages from Christmas!

  5. Grocery tracking sounds interesting! I’ve been buying my groceries on Amazon fresh for a few years now, and the prices fluctuate so much. They’ve definitely gone up this year overall.

    1. Oh, you buy ALL your groceries on Amazon Fresh? That’s interesting. I have not considered grocery delivery because I buy so much at TJs (and they don’t deliver).

  6. I have never tracked grocery purchases. I do know that we spend way more on groceries now than we previously did however, we never eat out anymore (thanks covid). We used to go out to eat 1-2 weekend and that was way more expensive. Interested to hear how it goes for you!

    1. We still get take out a couple of times per month but spending has definitely shifted!

  7. Haha, as someone who tracked ALLLLL my purchases in 2020, I totally understand this compulsion. It’s fascinating, even if it is a TON of work. I would like to really track my food spending and see where all this money is actually going because I spend a lot on food, eeks.

    Sorry for the rough week last week. Here’s to a much better second week of February!

    1. I am just here for the stats LOL

  8. Oh, man, sorry for the rough start to the month. I don’t typically have to deal with micromanagement in my current job (just one thing I love about it) but I have had to in the past. And it’s not fun at all.
    I was JUST thinking how interesting it would be to track when I buy certain things, how much I pay, etc. I buy so much on repeat and sometimes I am completely off in terms of judging when I’ll run out.
    And, Snyder’s pretzels are made near where my parents live! Pre-COVID, we toured the factory, then got to try samples (mmm) and buy discounted stuff in their store. Yum and yum.

    1. No, being micromanaged is not fun… and it’s usually done in a very passive-aggressive manner which is even harder to stand up to.

      Oh that’s a fun fact about Synder’s factory! Definitely love me some yummy snacks!

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