16: Five Current Pet Peeves

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Pet peeves, the little annoyances of everyday life. We all know them all so well. Some are pretty universal, some keep shifting (at least for me).

I love the word ‘pet peeve’, by the way. The German language is usually pretty creative when it comes to making up single words that describe one thing perfectly (e.g. Schadenfreude), but I have yet to find a good, one-word translation for ‘pet peeve’. Suggestions, anyone?

Here are five of my current pet peeves:

Doctors that throw prescriptions at you

In light of recent events, it’s absolutely mind-boggling to me when a doctor’s approach is to throw a prescription at you before investigating and getting to the bottom of your symptoms. I used to think that doctors rule out a diagnosis by running tests, not by trying out which drugs do or do not work.

People who don’t properly wear their masks.

Yes, I am going there. How is it that we’re 20+ months into this pandemic and people still don’t know how to properly wear a mask? I feel personally offended if you can’t show some freakin’ decency and wear that mask properly. It goes over your mouth and nose at the same time, thankyouverymuch.

When someone adds a ton of people to your email conversation.

Well, this is obviously work-related, where group emails are a common thing. But if I start a conversation with you, don’t add other people to it, unless there is a very specific reason to do so. I would have otherwise emailed the whole group.

People who respond to texts with only memes or emojis. 

Don’t be that person. I appreciate a good meme and a well-placed emoji, but that can’t be the only way to communicate, amirite?

Non-apology apologies

Saying “I’m sorry you feel that way” is not an apology, it’s passive-aggressive BS. Yes, I understand that sometimes intent differs from impact, but the only real apology is when you say “I’m sorry” and then vow to do better (and actually follow up with action).

Do you agree with one (or all) of these? Or, what’s one of your current pet peeves?

  1. The prescription thing makes me nuts too. I see family members with issues and the dr immediately says “take this” instead of trying to live healthier.

    I am surprised people are still wearing their masks wrong. And why they think it’s okay to go out in public that way…

    Hmm, a big (strange) pet peeve, is people tagging me in things on Instagram that have nothing to do with me.

    1. That’s indeed strange that people will tag you on IG, even though you have nothing to do with the post… but maybe it’s just to gain followers?

  2. Ha ha… yes, that’s not much of an apology.
    I think my biggest mask-related pet peeve if people who still argue about it. Masks are still required where I work, and the other day a client came in without one. When she was asked to put one on, she went off on a diatribe about how the pandemic isn’t real, how people who die in car accidents are being recorded as dying of covid… etc. If a mask is required, just put it on and keep your crazy ideas to yourself. Sheesh.

    1. That client… conspiracy theorist much?

  3. I can totally get behind the mask pet peeve. So very annoying. So disrespectful. Ahh it makes me aggressive. I also do not like the email thing.But even worse for me is when you are added to an email even though only the end product may be of importance. Why do I need to read a trillion mails until you get your job done. Just send me the final file or tell me the result. So much wasted time.

    1. I am a big fan of short, concise emails. Emails are necessary and a great tool to keep track of communication, but keep it to a minimum. We’re all inundated with emails every day, we don’t need unnecessary emails in our mailboxes.

  4. I’m coming up blank on pet peeves! I must be really tired today because I know there are loads of little things that annoy me.

    I’ve found most people to be pretty compliant with mask-wearing (and wearing them properly) where I live in Eastern Canada. But today I was in a store and suddenly heard a worker speaking to a man who was with another person (who was masked). She asked if he had forgotten his mask and he just didn’t answer!? But he did take the mask the clerk offered him. I couldn’t tell if he wanted to get away without wearing a mask or genuinely forgot, but it was odd. I would say I’ve seen a maximum of 3 people without masks inside since our masking mandate’s started! It’s a bit crazy how normal it really feels now.

    1. Haha, you must indeed be very tired if you can’t come up with any pet peeves. Everyone has them.

      Glad to hear mask-wearing is taken a bit more seriously where you live…. I am always mind-boggled when people can’t do this very simple thing to protect themselves and others.

  5. Our dog is on long-term antibiotics for a spinal infection. The pharmacy will only fill a 30-day supply at a time despite me asking for 90 and so every month I have to call in a refill and then wait for a phone call that says there’s a hold up on the prescription because my insurance won’t cover it (because it’s for THE DOG) and then I have to go into the pharmacy to tell them I’ll pay in cash. Then I have to wait for them to fill it. I’ve done this for six months and I think it will continue for another six and there just has to be a better way. I suggest they just give me a 90-day supply!

    1. Ugh, that sounds very annoying. You’d think that they’ve figured out a system with you after 6 months to make this go smoother.

  6. Right there with you, San. I’m a huge believer in finding the root of a problem, and also, the mask thing. I rarely see people wearing their masks incorrectly, but yesterday I was at the post office and the woman behind me had hers under her nose and barely covering her mouth. I mean. Really.

    I also have a thing about group texts – there is a group of ladies in my neighbourhood who group text me (and others) and I have muted the conversation because otherwise I’d be getting upwards of FIFTY NOTIFICATIONS A DAY. Once I looked and there was 103 notifications from that group.

    1. Group texts can be good and bad… LOL bad mostly when people OVERUSE them and not everybody needs to be in on the conversation. 50 notifications a day is A LOT.

  7. Oh yes, I’m on board with most of these, too. I haven’t had the prescription experience you have but I can see how that would be super annoying! Most of my prescription related pet peeves have to do with my experience w/ the pharmacy. I especially had a headache related to rxs when I pregnant and needed supplies to monitor my blood sugar. They messed up the blood sugar meter refills every single time, even when I called and said make sure you fill it with this type. it was maddening!

    I am prone to pet peeves because I am not a very flexible person and have high standards for myself! My biggest pet peeve is being people late as it is just so rude! I know things happen, but some people are just always late!

  8. I am definitely on board with your pet peeves! The mask one is just so annoying. At this point, I’m like, “Just don’t wear it if you’re not going to wear it like you should. There’s no point.” Ugh.

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