October Link List

Around the Interwebs

Restorative movements for when you’re run down.

How to be a better traveler these days.

Keep that body moving. Here’s how.

How Doctors Die. Interesting read.

Can you relate? What younger generations will never understand.

Find a new hobby (not that I need more hobbies!).

How to slow the hell down while you are eating. (I live with a fast eater.)

You’re not too sensitive.

If you need some inspiration for Halloween decor. I like #5 (gasp!), #12, and #17, but they’re all pretty awesome. You?

The art of not taking things personally.

What is compassion fatigue?

These are so true. Adult problems we were not prepared for.

Around the blogosphere

 How To Organize Your Gmail (To Get To Inbox Zero Faster).

This is how I feel about vaccines (without the swearing LOL).

10 Ways to Be More Confident at Work. Phew, some good advice I needed to hear. 

How to Eat Like a Normal Person.


Modern Free Printable Calendars for 2022.

7 Free Printable Labels to Print at Home.

8 Modern Fall Tablescape Ideas.

For my runner friends

How To Improve Your Breathing Technique While Running. (This is for you, Tanja.)

How to Pace Your Fastest Half Marathon. I took a few of those things to heart for my last half marathon (even though my training hadn’t been ideal), and it worked.

How to increase running speeds without injury. Now, those are some great tips. (Also, simply expect it to take a while.)


I definitely prefer making my own “fast food”. Try these 15 homemade fast food options.

Detox Crockpot Lentil Soup.

For this winter: low-carb casseroles.

The Complete Beginners Guide To Serving Size.

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  1. Hahaha, thanks for the special shoutout! You know me way to well!

  2. I read the compassion fatigue one the other day and I could relate to that SO much. Caring about everyone and everything is literally wearing me down but I feel like a bad person if I don’t care or I don’t try to help. It’s so draining.

  3. These links are so good! Thanks San!

  4. Oh gosh, the things the younger generation won’t understand was such a nostalgic read! Things were so different when we were kids!!

    We are having our friends over for pumpkin carving on Saturday and I”m making that detox lentil soup as the woman in the couple is a vegetarian! So it was cool to see it on your recipe links! What are the chances we both looked at that recipe this week?? Great minds think alike. :)

  5. Compassion fatigue / burnout is a big discussion among me and some of my friends who work in my space. I really struggle with it because it’s such a luxury to be able to check in and out of the realities of what our students and families are facing – so I feel like I’m constantly struggling with the feeling of urgency vs. taking care of myself. Thanks for continuing to bring attention to it though – I don’t think enough people recognize that people in caregiving roles can burn out just as much, if not moreso, than other people… and sometimes when they do, it means they leave their career as a whole, resulting in less people to care for everyone else. <3

    1. Ugh, I can imagine that compassion fatigue/burnout is especially prominent in your field, when you’re dealing with students and just trying to help EVERYONE. I am sorry.

  6. Always love these posts – thanks for sharing! I particularly like the nostalgia-related links… oh, the things my nieces will never know!

    Figuring out how to make that lentil soup without a crockpot. Hmmm….

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