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Did you read this response by David Frum to the anonymous Op-Ed article in the NY Times?  On point.

So you wanna work in America? Have you ever thought about how hard it is to get a visa for the US?

Sitzfleisch: the German concept to get more work done.

How America killed transit. “[…]better service will attract more riders.” Duh.

Fundamental attribution error: why we make terrible life choices.

Don’t be paralyzed by idea debt. Don’t (over)think, act.

Are audiobooks as good for you as reading? As someone who doesn’t really do audiobooks, this was an intriguing read.

The recovery threw the middle class dream under a Benz.

Around the blogosphere

What can a high performing fitness tracker do for you? Do you use one?

16 ways to reduce your spending that actually work. Well, true. But what do you do when you do most of these already?

Ultimate Guide to Shopping at Trader Joe’s. Not that I need any help with this. Ha.

For my runner friends

How to jog: a guide for women. Basically this.

How to stay fit forever: 25 tips to keep moving when life gets in the way.

How accurate is the indoor run mode on Garmin?


Are potatoes good for you? Yes. Yes, they are (if prepared right).

Please tell me I am not the only one…  how to CORRECTLY open a can with a can opener.

Herby buttered balsamic mushrooms ravioli. Give me all the mushrooms!

Breakfast zucchini cookies. Intrigued.

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  1. I’ve been needing some good links to read! I’m glad you posted this today. I need to read the one about reducing spending for sure and also the can opener one – you are most definitely not alone on that!

    1. I am glad you’re enjoying the link list :)

  2. I wish America had better public transport, and not just in like NYC. I think it would be fantastic and used a lot!


  3. The can opener thing is blowing my mind! I’ve been doing it all wrong for all of my life! now I need to go home and open a can of something! Ha!

    1. I know! I can’t wait to try opening a can again the RIGHT way, haha.

  4. You are the only link love I read because I always find a bunch of things that are interesting to me!

    I agree with David Frum. I don’t look at the oped writer as a hero. If it’s really that bad, invoke the 25th amendment and impeach him.

    I think I have sitsfleisch and can see problems through but only if it’s quiet and no one if bothering me. If I am distracted, then no. And I cannot concentrate when I am distracted. Even when reading/commenting on blogs I have to pause the tv.

    I already do a lot of the money saver tips. I think the biggest way we save money is we rarely go out to eat. That really adds up! We could make our own cleaning products. I wish Paul had his rxs delivered because I hate going to pick them up! In fact, if it COST extra I would pay it haha. I will never cancel my $10 Planet Fitness membership. It is just so convenient to have it and I do enjoy going to the gym. I have a lot of weights so I can lift at home as well. I just like options. There have been times I haven’t gone to the gym in months and then there are times I have gone several times a week. I figure it all evens out in the wash. I reeeeeeeally want to cancel cable but Paul does not want to due to sports. It is expensive.

    MY MIND IS BLOWN ON THE CAN OPENER!!! I feel like I should have something out of a can for dinner tonight so I can try it out!

    When I run on the treadmill, my Garmin is off by a 10th of a mile or a little less.

    1. Megan, I really appreciate for letting me know that you get something out of these link lists… sometimes I don’t know how interested people are in those, but I always enjoy them on other people’s blogs, so I keep putting together my own :)

      I know you mentioned that you don’t eat out much. We cook a lot at home too, but J likes to go out to eat (more than I do), so it’s often his treat to go out (and he doesn’t spend much money on other things), so I feel like I need to compromise there.

      The can opener thing is trippy, isn’t it? I feel like a fool LOL

      I am relieved to hear that your Garmin is off, too. I actually googled it and it seems to be a common problem.

  5. Wow! So many links I need to read right now. I’ve been debating on getting a fitness tracker forever, so that’s the first one. I also have seen the can opener one before and couldn’t believe it. And those breakfast zucchini cookies? Yum!

    1. If you are a numbers nerd like me – ha! – than you’ll love a fitness tracker!

  6. I am bookmarking so many of these to read during my break tomorrow, especially that potato one – cause I love them. Also, how to jog. I am NOT a runner by any stretch of the imagination, but think it would be good for me to get into it. Thanks for sharing all these!

    1. So glad people enjoy the link list. Don’t get too excited about the “jogging article”, it’s a sarcastic piece, but so good.

  7. Yes to the response to the anonymous op-ed about Trump. At first, I was thrilled about this op-ed and loved the portrait it painted, but as I read responses from people who understand politics way better than I do, I came around to the line of thinking that this person is a coward and really just made things even worse. Ugh.

    My mind is blown by the can opener trick! I never open it that way! I didn’t even know there WAS a correct way, haha.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I love my Garmin and found the post very interesting. I’ve also noticed a slight difference between my watch and the gym treadmill but it seems similar so I’ve been happy.
    I need to go make a cup of tea and then read some more of these links :)

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