Currently in July

AMAZED BY |  how fast a month flies by. Feels like I just wrote my “Currently in June” post, but I guess, it’s been four weeks.

ENJOYING | a popsicle (or two) in this hot weather. I usually have lemon popsicles in the freezer, but picked up peach pops last week. What’s your favorite flavor?

ADMIRING | this beautiful new leaf on my Monstera.

ORDERING | take-out at a new-to-us restaurant. Jon had pizza and I had a pasta dish. Both delicious.

READING | Love Lives Here: A Story of Thriving in a Transgender Family by Amanda Jetté Knox. What an amazing book – you need to read this.

TRYING TO | get back to blogging (and reading blogs) this week after a bit of an unplanned break.

WORRIED ABOUT  | more heat and more wildfires here in California. Last year, the air quality was awful at times and I can only hope that we won’t get a repeat (but I am sadly not convinced as we had our first ‘taste’ of smokey air this week from the Dixie Fire, north of Lake Tahoe).

SAVORING | these moments of zen at the park on my early morning runs.

(really) EXCITED | that I got to try out an actual Peloton bike at my friend Susi’s house. I’ve been trying to tell myself that I am totally fine with the no-frill bike that I have (and truth be told, it’s been working great for me this last year), but man, I’d be lying if I said that the Peloton bike isn’t extremely nice and fun to ride!

MISSING | my family and friends. Please don’t @ me and ask why I am not traveling to Germany this summer. I know that I am technically allowed to leave the country and return (others might not be so lucky), but I really don’t feel safe traveling yet with so many unvaccinated people and the Delta-variant floating around. I still miss my family though.

EATING | Barbara’s Oat Crunch. I get a craving for cereal every once in a while and I love this one. Also, chicken kebobs. (Not together, obviously.)

DRINKING | lemonade mixed with sparkling water. You should give this a try. It’s a refreshing treat and real thirst quencher.

What is currently going on with you?

  1. Miss you too 😚 Please stay safe !!
    Don’t pressure yourself into a Peloton, but if you decided to get one I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader !

  2. Ice cream is my down falls. I usually have the less healthy options in the fridge but maybe I give popsicles a chance. I understand why you are not fond of traveling yet. We decided our vacation will keep us within Germany’s boarders just because. And even though we lan on traveling it is with mixed feelings. But I guess one of those days you gotta leap. But everyone on her own time.

  3. We got to try a ‘real’ Peloton on vacation! They had one in the gym at the resort we stayed out. I have to say, it was quite nice! I loved the screen and the stats-but I do think our regular ole bike is just fine!

  4. I hope nobody is “@-ing” you about not traveling to Germany this summer! That’s a big trip to do, and with the Delta variant being what it is, I don’t blame you for waiting just a little while longer. I know it’s not a decision you made lightly!

    Ooh, that Peloton bike looks beautiful. I want one, I want one. But I’ll make do with my $400 bike instead :)

  5. I don’t have a Peleton but bryan curses our bike out on the regular lol. It serves us fine since it’s usually just a coat hanger 🤦‍♀️ I know!!

    I love Barbara’s Cereal and haven’t had it in ages. I don’t know that flavor!

    Do you make it own ice pops?? I love coconut bars but will never turn down any ice cream.

    I would never at you, my dear (and I hope to god no one does!(. One thing I’ve learned through all of this is that we need to practice Grace and be respectful when possible since out comfort levels are so different. Germany will be so glad to greet you when you do return ❤️

  6. Really sad that you have to ask people not to ask you why you aren’t traveling. It is such a personal decision and clearly you are weighing a lot of things to make your decision!

    July really did fly by. It was very hot here, too. Unseasonably hot. And we ended the month with terrible air quality due to wild fires in Canada. I’ve never had to check air quality before but now it’s something I do every day. We really really need some rain. :(

  7. I may have missed it but what did you think of the Peloton bike?

    I am worried about all the fires too. :(

    1. I LOVED THE PELOTON. I mean, I’ve been religiously using the app for over a year and the actual bike (with the big screen and all the stats) is EXTREMELY nice. I am still debating if it’s worth the cost though (esp. the ongoing membership fee). I know that I would use it (I think I’ve proved that to myself this last year), so I am not afraid of that, it’s just a budget decision I have to make.

  8. I can’t believe the summer is over either! It does feel like it was just June! I brought my staff back this week for an in-person retreat (because Texas schools are going to be in person regardless of the real world… need a national solution STAT), and it’s FLYING by. There’s not nearly enough time to cover everything. I also underestimated how EXHAUSTING it is being back in person all day, every day. Ultimately, it was a good decision to do this… but I’ve never been more ready for the weekend. I can’t believe the new year is about to start.

    I go back and forth on the Peloton. (I don’t know that I could ever convince my husband it’s worth it…) All my friends swear by it, and I think it sounds /looks like such a great workout! The price point & fees though!!

  9. Wait, WHAT? People @ you about *your choices*? Seriously? What is wrong with people? Arrrggghhh….

    Oooh, can’t wait to see what you decide re: the bike. I have a super-cheap (maybe $250?) folding one that is perfect for my small apartment. It hangs out in the corner of my LR. So, no room (and no money) for a Peloton, but I completely get that you want the real deal!

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