March Link List

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Around the Interwebs

Why is reading so hard right now? Super-interesting! Are you also struggling?

Some fixes for pandemic monotony. Take a fake commute. Ha. 

How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has – and Hasn’t – Changed the Way Americans Work

People share unwritten rules in life. Can you think of any others?

What it was like to eat with Anthony Bourdain. Don’t you miss him, too?

A bunch of time management email tips!

Around the blogosphere

How many selfies are too many selfies?

Spring cleaning your house plants.

Daydreaming about a nice wfh space. 15 home offices to inspire your creativity.

20 ways to organize your life in 2021.


Macramé-inspired plant hanger.

Seed Stitch Knit Hat — Free pattern.

Dyeing eggs with Kool-Aid. Are you coloring eggs for Easter?

Free printable Easter labels.

Makes me want to stitch again. Spring mandala.

For my runner friends

Garmin’s Live Track Feature.

The runner’s guide to calf compression sleeves.

13 benefits of running.

What “Listen to your body” really means


How to build the perfect breakfast bowl.

Vegan Trail Mix Cookies (these look so good!).

Sourdough Irish Soda Bread. I’ve never tried this but it looks delicious!

We’ve made an adapted version of this German split pea soup. Yum! 

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  1. Yes, reading has been a bit of a drag lately. I’m a big fan of the fake commute. On mornings when I don’t run I always make a point to take a walk around the block before work.

  2. If I read 2 books a month it is alot these days. I thought (last year) that working from home would mean more time but it quickly became more time spent online getting work done! I really like the idea of a fake commute – might try it before the weather gets too cold in the mornings.

  3. I don’t think I’m decorating Easter eggs this year – no plans to – but I keep seeing all these cute ideas, so I don’t know!! LOL

    I’ve been doing well with my reading for the most part, but I definitely had some troubles in the beginning of Covid and still here and there. It can be tough to focus.

  4. I had to smile about the unwritten rule #20: “Announce your visits”.

    In Switzerland, it is considered very rude to visit someone without announcing it first. In fact, today I even messaged a neighbour in Switzerland in advance to ask if I may phone her.
    Is there such an unwritten rule in Germany?

  5. I actually have read more during the pandemic, or at least as much as a typical year. The kind of books I have read is different, though. I read more light books in 2020 than I typically would as real life was so heavy.

    We are dying eggs for Easter for the first time this year! I think Paul will really like it. I helped with egg dying with my nieces and nephews so have a few tricks like putting the cups of dye in an egg muffin tin to contain spills/keep the cups from tipping over and we put the egg inside a whisk to make it easier to put the eggs in the cups of dye. Those little egg holders are really tough for little hands!

  6. I actually haven’t any propblem with my reading habits but I can see how it is tough to focus currently. I enjoyed the email tipps. A few I already do but it is always good to re-evaluate. Thanks for sharing.

  7. My reading habits have been okay, but then again, I’m in a very privileged situation and didn’t have to change much of my routine outside of going in to the office. I pretty much kept up what I usually do, with a few tweaks and deviations here and there. That said, I find that I’m overworking (sigh) and so don’t have enough time for reading (double sigh).

    I loved the unwritten rules. I try to live my life by the following: Be kind, be nice, be a human. You never know what someone else is going through.

    And, I wish I a) could keep a sourdough starter alive, and b) had enough people to share the bounty with! I envy your knitting / crafting and baking skills.

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