February Link Love



Sarah’s post about Following through spoke to me on many different levels. Sometimes you must resist the urge to learn and try more and more, but focus on a few things and actually do them instead.

Kam wrote about how to get motivated to go to the gym after work and I can definitely relate to that as I am trying to get back into a regular workout routine.

If you love FRIENDS, you’ll love these artists sketch floorplan of Friends apartments and other famous TV shows. It is amazing, you guys!

In case you haven’t heard about Boomerang for Gmail, you’re missing out. All I am saying is GAME CHANGER.

19 coffee hacks that every coffee drinker needs to know immediately. Butter in your coffee? As someone who, as a kid, would eat butter without bread, I need to try this.

The expat perspective is always, always an interesting one, don’t you think? 9 American habits that I lost when I moved to Germany.

Good places to find free stock photos for your blog posts.

5 ingredient perfect guacamole. ‘nough said.

10 useful blogging websites every blogger should know. (Do you?)

Loved Elise’s post about her favorite San diego spots. I have bookmarked this post, since I’ll be visiting San Diego again this summer! Yay!

  1. When are you going to San Diego?

    Those floor plans are amazing.

    A friend of mine was drinking coffee with a tbsp butter and a tbsp(tsp?) of coconut oil. She said she wasn’t hungry all day until dinner time.

  2. I especially like the links (as well as your own posts) about German behavior. I think it helps me understand some of the more frustrating parts of my relationship! lol Sometimes I ask C: Are you just being a man? Are you just being a German? or is this just you being you?? I definitely think it contributes to his frustrations with me too!!

  3. As always, awesome links and I am off to check them all out!
    Happy Tuesday, dear San! xxx

  4. I’m (hopefully) getting back into blogging soon, so that post about blogger tools was perfectly timed!

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