One Little Word® for 2021: Trust

I know. Could I be any more cliché with my word choice for this new year when the world keeps falling apart all around us?

I first wanted to pick “hope”, which seemed even more cliché, but since hope and trust are closely related and trust seems a little bit more committed than hope, I went with it. Honestly, it’s the only word that kept popping back into my mind and it truly feels like the only fitting word for me right now.

trust  /ˈtrəst/ (verb)

to rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of 
to hope or expect confidently 
to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something 
to have confidence; hope
I am generally a hopeful, glass-half-full kinda person and I also believe that generally, people are good, but I would lie if I said that our trust hasn’t been truly tested through the pandemic and this last year of the Trump presidency. People have honestly surprised me in the worst possible ways. The level of selfishness and hate that has been on display in various settings was shocking. But there was also a lot of good (as there always is) and if trust is not the word that will carry me through this new year, then I don’t know which word truly could. I have to trust that things will get better.
But “trust whom or what?”, you might want to ask.
I don’t know.

You. Me. The process? The universe?

I am not really religious and have long given up on the thought that was is happening on this planet is the will of a higher power or that a higher power will help us fix things. I think it’s up to us and I do ultimately trust in the good in this world and its people (minus a few exceptions).

I need to trust (and listen to) myself more. I tend to suffer from imposter syndrome sometimes and I need to trust more that I recognize what is working for me and what isn’t, so I can let go and redirect. I want to trust how to use my voice to advocate for myself and others.

I will trust my community, my family, my friends. I trust that together we can bring change, and I will trust and listen to their words and wisdom and let them catch me, as I am always willing to catch them. 

I will trust my body, and that it knows what it needs (may it be rest, fuel, movement), trust that a deep breath will always calm me down and that a good run will clear my head every single time.

I will trust that I can stop and rest and take care of myself without always needing to be doing something. More often than not, I feel better about myself when I am productive, but if this last year has taught me one thing, it is that productiveness is not everything and that you can’t always force it, especially when there’s so much going on in the world.

I trust the scientists (and doctors and healthcare workers) to help and guide us through this pandemic. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been going through it for almost a full year and we’re not yet at the end of it, but I trust that we will soon see the end of the tunnel and a path back to normalcy where we can see and hug our family and friends again. I trust that the sacrifices were worth it.

I will trust that they’re good people coming in who will fix the political mess in this country. I am not going to lie, these last four years have been scary times. I haven’t wanted to become numb to the news but found myself often just shrugging my shoulders about yet another unbelievable news story that should have had us all jumping out of our seats. (Just me?) Half of the crazy sh*t doesn’t even make it on the news anymore, because there is so much to cover on any given day. I guess I am tired, is what I am saying, but I trust all the good people that have worked so hard to turn out the vote for Joe Biden in the fall, and I trust that if only we can get through the next few days without too much harm done, we can hopefully put this country back on the right trajectory.

I trust that good things will happen this year, even if we are off to a rocky start. I trust that we can all do better; that kindness, humanity, and decency will prevail in the end.

What’s your word for 2021?

Here are the words I picked in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

  1. I love this as a word choice for the year – so many meanings, so many ways to live this out. Happy 2021.

    1. Thanks Kate. Happy 2021 to you too!

  2. I like it and trust seems like a good word for our current world. Trusting yourself makes a huge difference in mood and productivity.

    1. I totally agree. That’s why I thought it was so fitting.

  3. I’m very similar – I like to trust people and also believe that people in general are good.

    The glaring exceptions – where people misuse trust and act selfishly – are soon found out. The old Bible saying that you will “reap what you sow” holds true.

    I’m sure your word of the year will be a great guide through 2021!

    1. Thanks Catrina. I love that you think similarly.

  4. Das hast du so schön und passend geschrieben – Vertrauen in uns selbst, in andere und in das Leben insgesamt, das können wir alle gebrauchen ♥

    1. Danke schön, liebe Jenny, auch dass du mal wieder hier kommentiert hast ;) Ich melde mich bald!

  5. I think it’s a good word and not at all cliche. I think we’re (we – subjunctive) in a place where trust needs to be rebuilt, restored, and cultivated. If you ever need pep talk re: imposter syndrome, I’m your girl. (It’s a large part of my day job.) I agree with you on the last 4 years and the conditioning we’ve received as a result of it. I’m hopeful that things can get better – and that enough people will stand up and get those out of the way that don’t want things to be better. What a ride it was, but I’m going to trust right along with you.

    1. Oh, I definitely need a pep talk re: imposter syndrome… would love to hear your wisdom, friend!

  6. Amen! What a great word choice and I can already imagine it is a good one for you. Look how much you wrote at the beginning of the year already. TRUST was my word for 2019. Hope it is a good one for you. As you know I am running with GRACE in 2021.

    1. Thanks friend, I feel this word just “fell” into my lap… :)

  7. What a great word choice and sentiment for 2021. We have to trust that things will get better with a new president, a vaccine, and hopefully some checks and balances for certain individuals.

    1. Thank you, Stephany. I definitely feel we all need a little trust to get through what’s ahead!

  8. I love that you chose the word Trust. That’s kind of how I feel about things in terms of the pandemic and politics. I have to trust that those in charge are doing the right thing and that they will help us through this dark period in U.S. (and worldwide) history. It can be hard to trust, but what else do we have if we don’t?

    There’s a song by country singer Luke Bryan that I think about a lot these days because he says “I believe most people are good” and I do agree with that. I think MOST people are good.


    1. Exactly, Lauren. What else can we do, but trust?

  9. Oof that is a tough word to choose but a great one. So much trust had been eroded this past year and really over the last 4 years. But the last year is the hardest to me. I feel like I can’t trust people to make the right decisions and follow the rules and that has been really hard.

    I didn’t pick a word for 2021 but I love reading what others chose and their reasoning behind it!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It definitely felt like a hard word to choose, but it kept popping into my head, so I went with it. The last year definitely has been hard and so much trust has been eroded and needs to be rebuild!

  10. my word for 2021 is vitality.

  11. Love it! What a great word for this year and I love your expansion on it for you personally. I can heartily agree with all of it.

  12. I love this so much! I’m going for ‘breath.’ As in: take a moment, breath and go …

    1. Oh, breath is a great word, too! I chose that a couple of years ago!

  13. Wow, what a wonderful word. I hope that we can all trust more in the world in 2021… particularly since Wednesday. :)
    My word – not yet divulged on ye olde blog – is focus. I debated a few others, but focus ultimately covered all of them. Plus, after the insanity of 2020, I felt the need for focus in so many areas of my life…

    1. Thanks Anne. I do hope that the trust is not misplaced!

      Focus was my word a couple of years ago. Great choice! I love it.

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