December Link List


Around the Interwebs

A political obituary for Donald Trump.

What a beautiful photography project: No Memory Is Ever Alone.

Where did the commute time go? How people used their ‘extra’ time in a WFH life.

The best good news of 2020.

Our Covid life, illustrated.

Fascinating. Physics explains why time passes faster as you age.

20 Americans who explain the 2020 election.

How to build trust in the vaccines. Will you get vaccinated when it’s available?

How 700 epidemiologists live now.

Around the blogosphere

Gabrielle, once again, hits the nail on the head: Conservatives, what do you want?

Even though I still use a paper planner, I also use Google Calendar and here are some great tips: How to make the most of your Google Calendar

A bread-bakers gift guide.

5 Reasons It’s Important to Give Compliments to Other Women Who Are Total Strangers. Try it. It’s really a positive experience!


Printable Happy Christmas Gift Tags

DIY Paper Bag Stars

20 easy & cheap DIY holiday decorating ideas.

Minimal Christmas decor. I am definitely team #lessismore. 

For my runner friends

Please look both ways.

Thirty minutes of exercise per day might not transform your body, but you should still do it.

A round-up of running podcasts. I think I’ll try some of them myself.


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark

37 easy stress-baking recipes with 5 ingredients or less

Baked parmesan crusted salmon.

Roasted mushrooms with balsamic glaze. Yum. Are you a mushroom fan, like me?

The best hot chocolate mix.

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  1. I love that Google Calendar link. Thanks for sharing! I just adopted some of the recommendations.

  2. I wish I could use google calendar but all Google sites are blocked at work. They have things sooo dang locked down because I work in a regulated industry. So annoying as I love google drive and such.

    I will 100% take the vaccine when eligible. They don’t have data on lactating moms now but thanks to our healthcare providers, we should have data by the time I am eligible and all signs point to it being safe for me and baby. I can not wait to get it!!

  3. So happy to see a post from you – I got used to NaBloPoMo! Thanks for the recipes – going to check several of them out!

  4. I love all those Covid comics. So great!


  5. I made those paperboy stars together with my niece and nephew in a face time craft session. It was so much fun.

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