Currently | July

EATING | more things from the BBQ grill and some amazing salads.

DRINKING | coffee, tea, and water. 

FEELING | okay overall. I keep my routine, I run, I work, I cook and bake, but I definitely also have bouts of pandemic fatigue. I feel like I want to do a lot of things, but then don’t do anything. I feel like reaching out and connecting with people, but then am exhausted by the prospect of yet another Facetime call. 

READING | How to be an anti-racist by Ibram X. Kendi

LISTENING TO | a new health podcast.

LOVING | my new-to-me AirPods that were hand-me-downs from Jon, who invested in some new and better earbuds to listen to music (his ears are fancier than mine LOL). I wouldn’t have bought AirPods for myself at this point, because the wired ones work just fine at home and I have Bluetooth Jaybirds for running, but hey, I won’t say no to hand-me-downs. I know a lot of people don’t like the fit of the AirPods but for me, they’re perfect!

ENJOYING | my morning runs. What else is new? These views make up for a lot.

WONDERING | why Trump keeps calling COVID-19 the ‘China virus’. It really, really makes me mad.

HOPING | that people can be reasonable and stay home as much as possible and wear masks. It seems like a lot of what’s going on right now in this country could have been avoided, if people stopped insisting on their freaking individual “freedoms” and do something for the common good for once. This could have been long over.

MISSING | eating out at restaurants and going for day or weekend trips, but we’re still not ready to venture out. 

SPENDING | more time in the backyard. 

AMAZED BY | the perception of time. The days are long, but the weeks keep on flying by. It’s almost August, guys.

WATCHING | a brand-new episode of Hoarders. (Guilty pleasure.)

BAKING | all the things. I’ve been making a loaf of rye bread weekly for the last few months and I recently used some of my sourdough discards in this amazing blueberry crumble cake. I think I have to post the recipe sometime.

LOOKING FORWARD TO | the day when we can make plans again. 

WEARING | almost no make-up. I use my concealer every once in a while, but since I rarely leave the house right now, and if I do, I either run or wear a mask to the store, I haven’t had the need to wear make-up in a while. I think my skin likes it.

What is going on with you currently?

  1. Loved reading your currently list, Sandra <3 Also the fact that Trump is STILL calling it the China virus makes my blood boil. It's so friggin unbelievable to me that he gets away with doing this on a public platform, and it's so G-D ignorant. a:LKJSD:LKFJ:SDKFJ


    I'm reading The Antiracist Baby book to Mila <3 I have that one on my reading list though!

    I love your backyard BBQ pictures. And your breads! I'm trying to focus on the positive lately. There are some days when this is just easier said than done, but it's in a weird way hopeful to me that we've already made it to July since I dunno where the past few months have gone, ha!

    Hope you're having a great week, Sandra! XO

    1. I really also don’t know where the last few months went… but here we are and still kicking! ;)

  2. Hoping to come see you soon to BBQ with you and Jon. Maybe have some of your amazing baking goods and run a short little run along the river, with you… Arg, I need something to looook forward too – this stupid China Virus … not funny!
    And the clown who still calls it The China Virus is also not FUNNY!!!

    1. Gah, I’d love to BBQ with you. Hopefully soon!

  3. I’ve worn makeup exactly twice since the pandemic started. The bad news is that it doesn’t make any difference to my skin, the good news is that I don’t miss it. I noticed that at first my perception of time really slowed down but now it’s back to going by fast. I definitely have my moments of ‘rona fatigue. Enjoy your air pods, I really love mine for running and for phone calls.

    1. Yup, time perception is really, really weird right now.

  4. I have worn make-up once since I started WFH. I wore it when I had to train a group of new sales hires. Haven’t worn it since, even on a video call with a small group that included our CEO! But on video, you really can’t tell I’m not wearing make up – or at least I don’t think so? And my skin is very happy w/ no make-up!

    That crumble looks really good! I love dishes like that. Yum!

    I really wish that people would freaking masks. I can’t believe there is a debate over this. There are alot of things we are required to do, like wear seat belts and follow traffic laws a whole bunch of other things. And those are for our benefit. But masks are different??? It’s so odd.

    1. I totally agree: I don’t think anybody can tell if you’re wearing make-up on Zoom calls LOL

  5. Yes please share the crumble recipe. I had one yesterday with apples and was wondering why I never make it myself. But with blueberries. I hear you with the whole make up thing. I mean I rarely wear any anyways but now I even leave out the mascara. I usually wear lipstick daily but with mask really no point… Good to hear you are keeping a routine through all this mess. Also welcome to the AirPods family. I could not live without mine. All phone calls are so much easier and webinars and audio books and podcast… big fan. However I still can handle the touch navigation…

    1. I’ll be happy to share the crumble recipe (soon!). It was soo good.
      Also, really enjoying my airpods :)

  6. The pandemic fatigue is REAL. I’m feeling it a lot lately. I wish I could get out for more long walks at parks but it’s just too hot right now! Argh.

    I’ve only worn makeup a handful of times since I started working from home and my skin is SO happy for it! Less breakouts, less oiliness… it’s amazing.

    1. Yeah, I am starting to feel the pandemic fatigue more and more… :(

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