Currently | January


FEELING | cautiously hopeful for the future of this country. Watching the inauguration last week and seeing sane tweets from our new president (and his press secretary) in the last few days make my heart so calm and happy.

LISTENING TO | the rain storm that finally came through the valley last night (thankfully, no damage around here and not power outages in our neighborhood, but more rain to come the next few days!).

ENJOYING | our beautiful California January skies. (We desperately need more rain, but of course, I’ll take a blue sky when I can.)

LOVING | our fake TV-fireplace a little bit too much.

WATCHING | Schitt’s Creek. You guys, we finally started watching this show. I know we’re way late (as we are with most shows, if we get around to watching any shows at all), but so far, we’re enjoying it. I mean, it’s funny. I am not sure I am getting the hype yet, but I am willing to give it a little more time.

READING | A promised land by Barack Obama. Man, he’s a good writer (which doesn’t surprise me). But this book is dense. I am not getting through it as fast as I was expecting, but it’s utterly fascinating.

EATING | a warm, steaming bowl of steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast (most days).

DRINKING | (pots of) camomile-lavender tea. 

LEARNING | to appreciate some of the Peloton yoga and (sleep) meditation content. I am usually not someone who can relax and “do nothing” easily, but these shorter classes have given me an appreciation for just being “still” for a little while.

(super) EXCITED | about my Peloton Century Club t-shirt that I received in the mail this month. I’ve been using the Peloton app since August of 2020 and everyone, even the app users, get a Century Club shirt when they reach 100 workouts in any one category (it was “rides” for me, closely followed by strength classes).

MISSING | a more regular running routine. I currently only run once (sometimes twice) a week outdoors and I am looking forward to early morning runs again when the sun rises earlier and it is light out before I start work.

BUYING | coffee filters for $20. Ugh. Who’s been hogging all the Chemex coffee filters? I’ve been trying to get them for a few weeks now and finally had to order them online for a steep price because they were out of stock everywhere. What’s up with that?

WEARING | sweatpants and hoodies. Don’t tell me you are actually getting dressed these days.

What is up with currently?

  1. I haven’t worn real pants since last March! Leggings and sweatpants every day for me!! Congrats on the century club. That is fun you get a shirt!!

    Glad you guys are getting some much needed rain!!

    1. Ha, that’s good to know.

  2. Schitt’s Creek does start off a little bit slow, but by the last episode of Season 1, I was fully invested!

    1. Oh, that’s good to know. Thanks for the insight, Kim!

  3. Oh, I do love Schitt’s Creek. I was late to the show too – I’m at the very end of the 5th season. I don’t want it to be over!!!

    Seeing all the sane tweets from Biden and people around him is seriously amazing.


    1. Well, you’re further along than I am, ha, but I am glad I am not the only one who jumped no the bandwagon right away. :)

  4. I have never heard of Schitt’s Creek – guess the hype didn’t make it overseas yet… It’s crazy how some things are out of stock at no particular time and you can’t figure out way. Came a cross that a few times too. I actually get dressed these days and I even put on more makeup than usual. It for some reason makes me feel ready for the day and right now I need all the motivation I can get.

  5. Schitt’s Creek is amazing but I didn’t really fall in love with it until season 2. Once you really get to know the town and understand the personalities of everyone, it’s a show you won’t be able to get enough of! I’ve been thinking about doing a rewatch because I love it so much!

    I feel so much calmer and happier knowing that we have sane, smart people leading our country again. I can actually trust my president to make good decisions and care about Americans?!?! WHAAT.

  6. You’re ahead of me on TV shows – no TV here. I read about the shows and I think, huh. I have no idea what they’re talking about. Ha.

    YES to the adults finally running the country. Isn’t it nice not to dread the news when you pull it up in the morning?

    I’m sorry about your running routine being upended, but soooo envious of your weather! I remember the winter I spent in northern CA very, very fondly. (And yet, I love the Midwest, too… just maybe not as much in February…)

  7. Yeah to the century shirt – so happy we can now rock it together.

  8. Hahaha, I am DEFINITELY not getting dressed these days. Glad I’m not the only one! I’m only about a season into “Schitt’s Creek” & keep wandering off to watch other things instead of bingeing it, though I don’t know why. It’s SO freaking funny.

  9. I only have a few Schitt’s Creek episodes lefts and am so sad. I don’t want to say goodbye and I only got into in in season 2.

    I do get dressed during the week. It’s one of the few things only keeping me sane. Though I found these 90s leggings that have the lounge feel but don’t look like it.

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