April Link List


This list is a little longer since I skipped the March Link List. Hope you enjoy.

Around the Interwebs

Cancel everything. This is an older article from when this all started. Still holds true.

How to avoid back pain while working from home.

It’s okay if you can’t relax right now. Been there.

Comfort kills. Plain and simple. The body likes to be challenged.

Here’s what happens to your brain when you don’t sleep. Get enough shut eye, friends, especially now!

No really, think about the consequences of your actions, not just you “opinion” on the candidate. Here’s what to do if you hate the Democratic nominee.

The Do’s and Don’ts of disinfecting your phone

Did you parents or older relatives fight the precautions? Convincing boomer parents to take the coronavirus seriously.

Wash your floors on your hands and knees. I’ve been doing this, and you know what?  This saves you time and energy, because I felt like I was just pushing the dirt around with my mop and had to mop three times and the floor STILL wasn’t clean. Give it a try.

Around the blogosphere

Hi from your childless friend. This sums it up:  “In adulthood, I have come to regard friendships — whether the person is single, married, a parent or not — as oceanic in nature. There is a natural ebb and flow. Sometimes we are close, sometimes we are not-so-close, and sometimes we may be downright distant. Work schedules shift. Emotional needs change. Kids grow older. You drift apart, and then just as easily, you drift together.”

I believe in Intuitive Eating

I enjoyed Stephany’s posts about her (controversial) bookish opinions.

Why it’s important to have a virtual running community.  Now more than ever!

Quarantine Life: A List of 8 Good Things During Bad Times. This is great. Thanks Kate! I encourage you to make your own list. I will post mine soon.


Free drawing classes

Work from home adult coloring page. Have you colored yet?

Modern Dollar Store DIY wreath for spring. That’s neat.  

13 eco-friendly yarns to check out.

While you have your sewing machine out… Quick Sewing Project: A Fabric Utensil Wrap for Reusables On the Go.

For my runner friends

I am currently trying to talk a friend and my sister into adopting a running habit and these are great tips. 6 steps to start running (and keep running).

Here’s a bodyweight strength workout you can do at home. Thanks Laura!

The best foods for runners  to have in their pantries.

Marcia shared a 10-minute tank-top arms and shoulders workout. Can’t hurt!

Run Data Analysis: How To Use All that Info From Your Watch.


Bread does NOT belong in the fridge, friends. The best way to store bread.

I’ve been craving cookies, maybe I’ll try these here: 3-ingredient Almond Butter Cookies.

I wanna try these sourdough pancakes with my sourdough starter discard.

Rhubarb Crumble Cheesecake. Sounds divine.

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  1. I JUST commented on that post about controversial book things. Great minds think alike. :) I also was telling Matt he has to clean his phone, that it is FULL of gross germs and god knows what else. Ick.

  2. “Convincing Boomer Parents to Take the Coronavirus Seriously” – hilarious!!
    So well written and so true. Thanks for the link!

  3. Omg, it took a while for my dad to take corona seriously. Oh and definitely yes to running. Run more, drink more water and stay healthy!

  4. Thanks for these links!!! I just read the one about convincing boomer parents to take the coronavirus threat seriously since I’m having the same issue—STILL—with my parents. My mom just went to a German market near her and then again grocery shopping this week (they have about 3-4 outings a week now). It’s frustrating. My dad had major heart surgery and my mom is caring for him and they kind of pressures me to come over this weekend to see Mila and I relented but it makes me so nervous. I’m not comfortable with it, and it breaks my heart to say no to my parents.

    Anyway, always love the links you share and hope you are staying safe and well during these times.

  5. The convincing boomer parents thing is real. My parents don’t seem very concerned and a lot of my friends parents don’t either. I haven’t broached the topic of coming to the lake this summer… I know my mom and dad would see us tomorrow if we drove up there. But now that Paul is back in daycare, I don’t feel comfortable going up there as we have no idea what he’s been exposed to. I read some research this morning that said kids don’t transmit the virus. But I need more research/evidence before I can trust that. Anyways I expect a hard conversation with my parents in the near future about a lake visit. I would LOVE to go there for like 2 weeks because I could work while my mom watched Paul and the change of scenery/being near water would be so good for all of us!

  6. Ah that article about childless woman got right to my heart. So much truth. Also loved the book peeves.

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