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Thousands who ‘followed the rules’ are about to get Covid. And they shouldn’t be ashamed. “[There is] this assumption, that if you get sick, you must have done something wrong to bring it onto yourself. That’s not true, […] but unfortunately, it’s inherent in the way we’ve been thinking about and talking about covid.”

How to know what you really want.

Ugh. Why? Instagram to “double down” on video in 2022.

Finding joy in learning to fail.

Tools you need in a disaster. 

What is Wordle? Have you jumped on the bandwagon? (Pssst, I have – but no, I am not sharing my tries on Twitter.)

Making friends as adults is hard.

What if we just stopped being so available?

Around the blogosphere

My friend Dominique talked about her experience as a “non-drinker” and I can relate SO MUCH. This echoes so true for me: I never drank and I don’t see why I should start now.

Kristen shared 7 ways to declutter digitally.

New Year Money Checkup!

Why is starting so hard? Set up your environment for success!


DIY Wood Wick Candles.

Free 2022 Printable Calendar.

12 Bullet Journal Spreads.

For my runner friends

Different types of running workouts – do you vary yours?

Garmin vs. Apple Watch.

TRX workout plan for beginners.


Noatmeal (3 ways). I love my oats, but I want to try these variations!

Guide to freeze everything properly.

Vegan Mushroom Bolognese. Give me all the mushrooms!

Roasted Beet Pesto. Look at this color! Besides, beets are very good for you. Do you eat beets often?

These sound like an awesome snack: Maple BBQ Chickpeas.

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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing my post ❤❤❤ That means a lot!

  2. Yes! I do Wordle every day. Why is it so fun???

    This was a fun read, about the words people begin with (I have a few I go back to over and over, but generally vary my first guess): https://twitter.com/cassmannes/status/1482464864652177422

    And I love Jeopardy! and JeopardAmy especially, so this was fun to read: https://nypost.com/2022/01/12/jeopardy-contestants-reveal-secrets-to-winning-game-show/?utm_campaign=applenews&utm_medium=inline&utm_source=applenews

  3. Thanks so much for linking to my post.

    I’m so amused by the Wordle craze. My mom and I have been playing a version of this game with pen and paper for years. I based it on the game show Lingo that we used to watch on Game Show Network. It’s such a brain teaser!

  4. I’ve never drank alcohol either, and it does confuse people sometimes.
    Love that article that it’s okay if you get Covid and you’ve been doing what you can to NOT get it. It’s definitely very contagious now, and more and more people are finally getting it after two years. It’s not something to be ashamed of.


  5. This blog post by Suzanne had me laughing so hard (as her posts usually do): https://lifeofadoctorswife.wordpress.com/2022/01/19/assorted-healthish-things/

    And if you’re okay with laughing about COVID (it’s extremely serious and I’m not trying to make light of it, AT ALL), but this video had me in hysterics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=KuBGem9jfg4&feature=emb_logo

  6. I HAAAAATE video on Instagram, why, why, why.

    Okay, so it’s funny you mention Wordle. My entire Facebook feed has been filled with Worldle and I’ve been wondering if I should check it out. Mayyyyybeeeeee I will.

  7. Oh, and I love my Garmin watch! I can’t think of a good link for you right now! Pressure!!!

  8. I liked the article about Covid. My son and I both had it over Christmas, and were kicking ourselves for not getting the booster. The best advice in that article was to view it as a learning experience- yes! Next time get the booster! We will.
    I also liked the article on “mimetic desire.” Interesting stuff there! Aaaaand… NOATMEAL! It sounds amazing. I eat oatmeal all the time and have been looking for a way to switch things up. i’m going to try this on Monday (tomorrow, obviously, is Waffle Day.)
    Thanks for some fun reads!

  9. Those recipe links sound really yummy.
    The emergency link is interesting and I keep coming back thinking I should probably prepare a bit more for certain cases. I haven’t yer so good reminder.
    Also finding our want you. really want seems to be a life quest so the article is definitely worth reading.
    Such good links as always.

  10. But I use Instagram BECAUSE it’s a photo-sharing app :( That is what I liked about Facebook waaaay back when before it became a political meme mess. Each app should have its own appeal, Tik Tok is for videos, we don’t need two of those.

    A good amount of my friends have moved out of the area because of rising costs, and I want to make new local friends but then covid hit. And it’s cold (for me), ha. My younger sister and I started roller skating last year and I was thinking of looking for local groups to join once I get a little bit better. I’d also like to take a pole fitness class (one, sounds fun, two, might meet people to befriend), but the one I want to go to isn’t open yet (again, due to covid). I was already terrible at making friends when it was “easy”, trying to do this as an adult feels impossible. My husband is AMAZING at making friends, and has even made new ones these past two years despite covid restrictions!

    1. I absolutely agree – Instagram is a photo-sharing app. Why do we (I mean, they!) have to make it something else? Ugh.

      Wow, it seems like you have some solid plans on how to get out and make new friends, well, when the pandemic is over. Sigh.

  11. Ugh, my Instagram is basically 80% video now and I hate it. I just want to scroll and see pretty pictures. I don’t want to have to stop and look at videos. That’s not why I use Instagram! I need some app developer to make a pre-2015 Instagram where all we did was post pictures and everything was in chronological order.


  12. I guess this makes me glad I am off IG because I am not a video person!! I have not tried wordle but have been tempted to because it seems like something I would really enjoy!

    I will have to read the covid article. There really shouldn’t be shame around getting it. It’s transmitting so easily. I got another PCR test this morning as I got a cold during the night and now that omicron is presenting like a cold, I felt I should get tested. I wonder how many covid tests I’ve gotten. 15? I’ve had 2 false positive at home tests so have a hard time trusting those. So I was glad I could get an appt this morning at a drive-up site!

  13. Just a word of caution – use your food processor (if you have one) for that mushroom bolognese. My mother makes one and it takes FOREVER to prep the mushrooms – but once you do it’s sooooo good. :)

    And I agree – what on earth is Wordle? And what on earth is IG thinking? Sigh.

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