Five Things Friday Vol.8

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

I had high hopes of getting some more blog posts out this week, but alas, life got in the way. Work got busy, I had some long days, and just didn’t have the time to write. Maybe this weekend. So for now, you get another little update Five Things Friday-style. (I actually quite enjoy this post format on other blogs, so I hope you do, too.)

*  *  *

Did you watch the Democratic debate on Wednesday night? Man, that was one fired up debate. I must say that I hadn’t been vocal about my front runner, but I loved Elizabeth Warren from the start. Looking at her record, it’s just obvious that she’s a fighter, and I’d love to finally have a woman president.
I was pretty bummed that she didn’t do better in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, because I really felt that she was one of the two front runners (where did Mayor Pete get his momentum from?). Social Media was all over her the next day! Of course, some people criticized her for being “too mean” or “too angry”, once again showing how women are perceived and judged differently than men. Nobody would say that about any of the male candidates. But honestly, if you haven’t been angry the last 4 years, you probably don’t have a pulse. I really think the debate on Wednesday gave a her huge boost, she had an amazing fundraising effort over night, and I really hope she’ll continue to soar.

*  *  *

Have you started on your taxes yet? I am trying to get ours done this weekend (because why wait, if I have all my tax documents in hand?) and from my first run-through, it looks like we’re getting a refund. Yay! Our tax situation is fairly simple, so I do my own taxes. I also try to re-assess our tax withholdings every year to make sure we’re not paying too much and ‘lending’ money to the government interest-free, but of course, it is nice to get a little bit of money back instead of owing anything when tax day comes around. 

 *  *  * 

I bought some new running tights on clearance this week and I am in love. They’re so pretty.  It’s true what they say (at least for me): pretty workout clothes really boost your motivation. 

*  *  *

I started half marathon training again this week. I am excited about it because I love having a workout plan to follow. It takes the guess work out of your training and I just have to wake up and show up. I am up to 6 workout days per week, which is high for me (I used to do 3-4 days), but I have to take advantage of my current motivation to cross-train more and the need to up my mileage.


  1. Pretty workout gear definitely motivates me. I am so glad I finally quit waiting for the “perfect” body to get cute gear.

    We are finishing our taxes this weekend. We owe again, which I guess will be the story for the rest of our lives. I’m glad to make enough money to have to pay more though.

    1. Can you adjust your withholdings, so you won’t owe?

  2. Oh wow I just have my taxes for 2018 here which I need to sign and sent off. But since I am always just paying and paying I guess no rush. Good luck on your new training plan.

    1. Do you have a grace period? There would be a penalty (unless you have a good reason), if you don’t do your taxes by April, 15.

  3. That’s awesome you are up to six workout days a week! Go you!! And I always feel that way with new workout clothes. It’s been some time since I’ve been to the gym I’m embarrassed to admit but I am going on more walks with the dog especially since it’s been a bit warmer out lately (well, not always, but even cold days can be invigorating!).

    We got our taxes done early this year which I’m pleased about because I hate waiting until the last minute and also we can’t afford to this year. Yay for refund money! We always joke that it’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul since that money goes back into our lake dues but whatever!

    Also the debates…I like Elizabeth. A lot actually. I didn’t like her at the last debates, but to be frank, I can’t stand yelling and confrontational attacks, which came from a lot of the candidates. Personally, it rubs me the wrong way, but she is absolutely a fighter and deserves to be one of the last ones standing. Bloomberg was a deer in headlights, Bernie (who has always been a favorite)—I just cant with him lately lol, and I also really thought Klobuchar did a great job. Biden had a pulse in the last debate, but yes I like how level headed Pete seems to be. Inexperienced perhaps, but I think he’d be A great candidate. I don’t even care who at this point. Anyone else please!

    1. Good for you for going for walks!

      Thanks for sharing more about your feelings about the debate and candidates. I love to hear what others think! I hear you on on the yelling – it’s not something I particularly enjoy in any candidate, but I do think that women are judged differently (harsher) than men when they speak up, and that bothers me.

  4. We had the same thoughts about the debate! Elizabeth was FIRED UP and I loved seeing her come after Bloomberg. He really doesn’t deserve to be in the mix! (I’m glad he was at the debate, but I wish he would put his millions of dollars towards helping the next Democratic candidate.) Bernie will be the nominee, and I’m okay with that, honestly. I wish it was Warren, of course, but I’ll take what I can get. I really don’t want Pete to get the nomination, ugh. I’m NOT a fan.

    Six workouts a week is amazing, San! Way to go. I’m still trying to get in 3-4 workouts a week, haha. Easier some weeks than others!

    1. You’re doing amazing! 3-4 workouts a week is awesome!!

  5. I did my taxes about 2 weeks ago and was surprised that I ended up owing more in state taxes this year, but I was still happy since I get a federal refund. As long as I’m getting money back, I can’t complain!

    I didn’t watch all of the last debate but was super impressed with Warren. I also can’t believe that Super Tuesday is in a little over a week!

    1. Oh bummer, you owed money in state taxes, but I am glad you came out ahead overall!

      I hope Warren will get a boost on Super Tuesday!

  6. I think Bernie is going to get the nomination and he is my least favorite option. I feel like the chances of him defeating Trump are very very very low, unfortunately. I was a republican before Trump was the nominee so I guess now I am a very moderate democrat? So Bernie doesn’t appeal to me at all. Amy K. is my favorite since she’s a moderate. I feel like we need a moderate Obama-like nominee to have any chance of beating Trump so we can have a shot at the swing votes/moderate Republicans who hate Trump. We’ll see what happens come November but I’m guessing we’ll have another 4 (depressing) years of Trump… I wish I was more optimistic but I’m just not…

    Phil has started our taxes but ours are complicated because some of his income is dividends from shares in his privately owned company. She has has to wait for K1s to do our taxes. We will owe even though we make extra payments and have our allowances set at 0. This is what happens when you both make decent money and are married – we both got nice refunds before getting married even though we made about the same amount of money! But now I just come to expect to write a big ol’ check to uncle sam!

    1. I have mixed feelings about Bernie. I agree with a lot of his proposals, but I don’t particularly “like” watching him and I think Warren would be a much stronger candidate (and a little to the right of Bernie, though not by much!)

      Glad to hear you’ve already started on your taxes, but it’s a bummer that you always owe, even if you set your allowances to 0. That shouldn’t be the case. You should at least break even (or do you have a lot of income that you report “after the fact”? That’s hard to predict beforehand).

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