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It’s not really that hard, or is it? How to eat right.

Should you sleep or exercise? Have you ever had to decide between the two?

10 things incredibly likeable people never, ever do.

 Handy! Instagram Food Hacks.

Here’s What Happened When I Complimented Everyone I Met for an Entire Day. Maybe that’s a bit extreme, but being a little kinder every day goes a long way! 

How Non-English Speakers Are Taught This Crazy English Grammar Rule You Know But Never Heard Of. This is super-fascinating to me. If you learn your native language as a child, many grammar rules are subconscious and you can’t explain them. Jon has asked me many times about German grammar rules that I wasn’t consciously aware of and that we then had to examine together to come up with a rule. Fascinating! 

Around the blogosphere

Recycling. An important post by my friend Tanja.

A good question to contemplate: Would you rather be good at earning or good at saving?

How to make an animated gif for Instagram.

Bravo, Stephanie, for sharing your story! Why I started taking medication for my anxiety.

Lifestyle Creep… Isn’t That Kind of the Point?


What a cool idea! DIY photo strip costume

Halloween Coloring Page 

Printable Gratitude Stationery

For my runner friends

Mobility vs Flexibility: What’s the difference?

When should you quit a run? Important advice. 


Creamy Cauliflower Leek Soup. Give me all the soups this fall!

Yum. Chicken with Garlic Mushroom Sauce.

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  1. I saw that Halloween coloring page this week! Penelope and Lucy are into holiday themed coloring things and I refuse to spend $5+ for a coloring book, so I’ve been finding things online for them. They liked it. :)

  2. That grammar rule thing is so interesting. I definitely didn’t know I knew that until I read an example of that rule not being applied and realized how weird it sounds to change the order of the adjectives. Languages are so nuanced and there is so much knowledge that you gain about a language without realizing you gained it! I learned that when I volunteered in an ESL program for a while. It’s really really hard to learn a new language and it’s really really hard to teach someone a new language! I have so much respect and awe for people like you who are bilingual!!

    Also, I am definitely in a stage of life where I am definitely choosing sleep over working out. My workouts are basically walks which is so different from my pre-kid life. But I just feel like I am always tired and don’t have an opportunity to catch up. In the past I would get up at 5:30 to work out and now that just feels out of the question! But someday I’ll get back to rigorous workouts!

  3. I do not envy anyone that has to learn English as a second language – there are tons of rules and things that just don’t make sense, or have an explanation.


  4. No links to share, but thank you for yours. :)
    They’re always interesting and thought-provoking!

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