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With so many false news floating around (especially on Facebook), take a minute to take NPR’s A finder’s guide to facts to heart. Maybe it’ll help to stay on top of the actual facts.

Some food for thought. On rural America: understanding isn’t the problem.

A country that calls itself the “best country in the world” shouldn’t have a huge portion of their people fail the bad-break test.

My president was black. Great (long, but worthwhile!) piece in The Atlantic.

Anxiety doesn’t come with a guide. Do you know someone who suffers from anxiety? (I am sure everybody does). Here’s how you can help.

After all these years, I still don’t have tipping quite figured out, do you? The uncomfortable truth about tipping, explained with stick figures.

50+ of best images of the year announced by National Geographic. Amazing!

The United States are not an apocalyptic wasteland. Steven Pinker is great, I value his opinion.

Confession: I love mushrooms. Do you love them too?  Here are 7 delicious mushroom recipes. You’re welcome.

Savory leftover mashed potato cakes. Yes, please.

A cheap-o way to decorate for the holidays. Printable Christmas art here, here and here.

Printable Christmas Gift Tags. So CUTE!!

  1. That anxiety article was great. I do struggle with anxiety so can relate to everything that was said in that article. I wish more people realized that it isn’t a choice for me to worry as much as I do… I will be sharing that article!

  2. I really enjoyed that tipping article. I still have no idea how to tip. I mean, I get the basics in restaurants, but I am always so confused in other situations. Not to mention, I lean towards the school of thought that these folks should just make a living wage & that I shouldn’t be in charge of their income. I would rather pay more for my meal & not have to tip at all.

    It’s hard too, I grew up being told tipping was done based on the level or service performed. So, I would say my parents end up as average tippers, but saw them reward great service with tips above & beyond, as well as speaking to a manager, and also saw poor service represented with low tips & speaking to a manager.

    And all of this makes international travel confusing! I always have to look up the tipping policy // culture before I go!

  3. Love pictures by National Geographic. My favorite is #2 and #5.
    And Mushrooms are the best. Saved the sandwich recipe.
    Lovely list again.

    1. Thank you… and thank you for reading in 2016!

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