Friday Link Love

Oppressive language and the pointless of arguing with teens on Facebook by Elly (The Life of Miss Elly). How would you react?

Mini Travel Guide: Germany by Naomi via Sarah (Yes and Yes). My home!

Rezept: Kaiserschmarren by Coco (Scenes de la vie). Oh holy yum!

I can’t eat that by Andie (Can you stay for dinner?) The way you look at food.

Cologne (The city, not the men’s fragrance) by Daryl (Roots, Wings and other things). Daryl’s visiting my (almost) hometown.

My 40 day experiment without social media apps on my phone by Rhett (Rhett Smith). Would you give this a go?

On sexism and empathy by Ginger (Ramble, Ramble). An important topic.


Are there any blog posts that you’d like to recommend to me this week?

Happy Friday, peeps!

  1. I like the “40 day experiment without social media apps” … I’m just inching back in with twitter, etc, and some days I find that I was more happy without them, when I took my break. It’s all about boundaries and setting limits. Live in the present!!

  2. <3 – thanks for the link! :)

  3. Ohhh Kaiserschmarr’n! Nom nom nom!

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