Our long weekend

Hello friends. I just thought I would come on here and ramble for a little bit and tell you about my weekend.

How was your Labor Day weekend? I didn’t know that Labor Day apparently officially marks the last day of summer, although that couldn’t be farther from the truth in the Central Valley of California. There are still quite a few hot days ahead of us, I assure you.

Last weekend was definitely a hot, summer weekend. We had planned to do stuff and ended up not doing much of anything at all. Does the heat make you lethargic, too, or just me? You’d think that we’re used to it here, but I definitely have days where the heat just gets to me. That is not to say that it wasn’t a good weekend.

We went out with friends on Friday night. We tried a new restaurant. I spent some time wandering around at Home Goods and Michaels (and didn’t buy a damn thing, riddle me that!) and took advantage of a Labor Day coupon and picked up some German goodies from World Market on Saturday.

I worked on some crafts and I sat in the backyard (if only for a little while when the heat was bearable). We picked our first ripe tomato (it was delicious. Thanks for asking!) and I’ve been keeping an eye on the 10+ still green ones on the vine. I went for an early morning run on Sunday (to beat the heat!), talked with my parents, and spent some time reading .

Even though we didn’t really go anywhere and didn’t do a lot of “fun” stuff, it was a good weekend in my book. 

Tell me about your weekend! What did you do with your extra day off?

Other good things this weekend:

afternoon naps ♥ phone calls with my family ♥ reading ♥  going for walks ♥ ice cream ♥ sleeping in ♥  fresh coffee ♥  working on some crafts projects ♥ 

  1. I love those kinds of weekends, personally <3 also trying new restaurants is one of my favorite activities :) I haven't been to World Market, but they have German goodies?! I'll have to try it out! I have a hard time wandering into Home Goods / Michael's and not spending anything–everything always speaks to me, especially baskets and home organization things. I'm the same way when it comes to heat and feeling lethargic. Hopefully it starts to feel like fall soon; we're getting glimpses of it, and it's so refreshing when the air is so crisp!

  2. I kind of hate that people consider Labor Day to be the end of summer. I really love summer so want to hold onto summer vibes as long as I can! So I prefer to follow the meteorological definition of the end of summer. ;) It isn’t as hot here, though. If it was super hot I’d be ready for cooler temps. I just hope we get lots of sunny 60-70 degree days. It can get cold early here but I am hoping that is not the case!

    We had a really nice weekend. Phil took Paul to his mom’s on Saturday afternoon so I could run errands and get things done around the house. I went to half-priced books to sell some books and bought 2 more (one for me, one for Paul), score a deal on some clothes/shoes for Paul at once upon a child and did 2 other stops. Then I made zucchini bread at home as a friend gave us a gigantic zucchini. We also used it to make zucchini rice (rice with zucchini and parmesan), and froze some to make more zucchini bread later this fall.

  3. Heat makes me lethargic too so I totally get that! Your weekend sounds nice and relaxing though! We did a lot of relaxing too. We visited a winery, went out for a nice dinner, and watched some movies. It went by way too fast!!

  4. These are my favorite kinds of weekends! Anytime I can take it slow, sleep in, enjoy doing one thing at a time, and get outside for some fresh air – it’s the best.

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