Currently | December

LOVING | my new mug(s). (I got a total of 4 new mugs over the holidays and I couldn’t be happier!)

ENJOYING | the 2nd Christmas holiday. Because it’s a holiday in Germany and everyone should get not one, but two holidays for Christmas. Period.

EATING | holiday cookies and scones.

DRINKING | my first cup of coffee in 21 days. Hallelujah.

WATCHING | holiday movies. They’re my favorite. So far, I’ve managed to see quite a few classics, but I also found a German holiday mini-series on Netflix that I am still hoping to watch! 

READING | Ugh. I was reading “Normal People” by Sally Rooney and then my loan expired and I wasn’t finished. Now I have to wait to be able to borrow it from the library again. 

HOPING | that you all had some good times with your family and friends over the holidays, and also

WISHING | I could have hugged some of mine.

THANKFUL | for all the friends that sent Christmas cards and little packages in the mail this holiday season. It really made the holidays that much sweeter!

ADORING | all the Christmas decorations in the neighborhood.

SENDING | Christmas cards and a few packages. You must know that wrapping gifts and putting together little packages is probably one of my most favorite things to do around the holiday season, but most of my Christmas gifts were ordered online this year, because the added cost of shipping is just insane (especially when sending overseas), but also deprives me of the gift wrapping part.

KEEPING IN MIND that not everybody looks forward to the holidays because people have strained family relations, or are far away from their loved ones, or or are generally stressed by the holiday expectations. I see you. Do what feels right.

What’s going on with you currently? 

  1. Thank you for the Christmas card! This is the best season of the year for mail by far! I hang all the Christmas cards on our wall and they make our house so cheery!

    I’m currently kind of glad that Christmas is behind us. I love this season but I struggle with all the excess – so many gifts, gift wrap, extra calories, etc. Paul got so many gifts – too many, I would say. So we packed some of them away to bring out later in the year. I put our Christmas tree away last night which is on the early side for me but I was ready to have our house back to normal again!

  2. How fun you got four new mugs!! I don’t drink warm drinks – so no coffee or anything – but I still LOVE mugs. I’m glad you had a nice Christmas, but I’m sorry you weren’t surrounded by all of your family!


  3. I’m glad you had a lovely Christmas, San, even if you couldn’t be with your family. <3 And yay for new mugs! I've run out of space for mugs in my tiny kitchen, and it makes me so sad. I don't even have a big collection – I just have ZERO space to store things in my kitchen. Looking forward to more cabinet space for more mugs in 2020!

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