Currently | August

Phew. August has been a month. Let me give you the scoop about what’s currently going on over here.

HAPPY ABOUT | the weekend trip that J and I took to the North Bay. We hadn’t gotten out for an overnight trip in a while and it was good that we did.

EXCITED ABOUT | my first tomato this year finally (!) turning red. It took forever. I got the tomato plant a little later than I had planned in mid-June  and this is the first tomato to actually ripen. I hope it tastes good!

FEELING | a little bit off this month. I took three weeks off of running after my half marathon and I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things, but I have not been feeling 100%. Not exactly sure why, but I am just hoping September will be better.

TRYING TO | stay motivated, because work has been really slow the last few weeks and there is nothing more frustrating than sitting around with not much to do. I’d rather have too much than too little work, because man, 10-hour days can get really long if you’re just constantly trying to create busy-work for yourself.

EATING | milk rice. So tasty, so satisfying. 

DRINKING | more water. (Always a work in progress.)

LOVING | our backyard  and just hanging out there on Saturdays mornings. I cannot  tell you how happy that space makes me.

READING | You think it, you’ll say it by Curtis Sittenfeld.

WEARING | my favorite boyfriend jeans.

HOPING | for some moderate temperatures. We had a few nice days in August, but also also some really hot days (and nights, where it didn’t really cool off at all) and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am kinda ready for fall.

LOOKING FORWARD TO | the four-day weekend. Do you get Labor Day off?

What’s going  on with you currently?

  1. Oh man, my old job was like that. Not enough work to do and constantly feeling bored. I’m so glad I never experience that at my job now! It makes for such long days. Here’s hoping things pick up for you soon!

    I just realized next week is Labor Day! Can’t believe it’s already here. Looking forward to a three-day weekend!

  2. Yay for fresh tomatoes! I’m glad you’re finally getting to enjoy some! You are still making me want some of that milk rice! And yes to a three day weekend, actually a four day weekend for me, I took the day after Labor Day off for Ollie’s first day of school (eek!)

  3. I’ve had some slower days lately, too, and they are the worst. We tend to be quieter at work in the summer as a lot of our clients are on vacation. I’m definitely ready for a busier season at work!

    We’ve had fall-like weather here lately and I don’t hate it. It hasn’t been in the 90s at all this month which is odd for us. And the nights have been cooler so it’s been perfect sleeping weather! I just hope the warm, sunny temps stick around as I’m not ready for cold weather yet!

    We get Labor Day off and I can’t wait! I’ll also be able to duck out early on Friday as the markets close at 1 EST. I don’t have any vacation days planned in Sept so I’m glad we have a holiday at the start of the month!

  4. I hear you! At least I have a little distraction at work, thanks to a very very good friend! At the end of each day I just feel so exhausted from doing nothing = sucks! I need a new job ASAP!

  5. So ready for the cooler temps so I can actually get out into my ba k yard and make it pretty so I can enjoy it.

    Enjoy your tomato, I love fresh from the garden ones. There really is a difference.

  6. Yay for that tomato! I am awful at growing things so I know i would be over the moon to have a tomato! I have never been one to like even chill weather. But this year, this summer, has me hoping cooler temps get here sooner rather than later! I think it was 112 with the heat advisory today. Unbearable! I’ve never had milk rice before! What does it taste like?

  7. Slow days really can be the worst. I hope things pick up for you!! I also hope that September has you feeling better too. Yay for an overnight trip – those are always fun. :-)
    I’m SO ready for Fall, but it’s my favorite.


  8. Slow days can make a work day feel like a week :( Hope September is better for you.
    Just read about your overnight trip – such cool photos! This milk ice sounds so good – I want to try it!

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