June Link Love

Around the Interwebs

Alabama’s Abortion Ban: What’s Happening, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do.

You want to make abortion ‘unthinkable’? Here’s where to start.

Gratitude rewires your brain to be happier.

How to deal with a jerk without being a jerk. Oh man, useful advice.

9 best features of iOS 13.

How to Be Happy? A nearly 90-year-old has some advice.

Did you know the story about Perfect Bars (my all-time favorite protein bar)?

Wow, look at these time-lapse images.

I am still undecided about who to support in 2020, but I know what I do want: I want to live in Elizabeth Warren’s America.

Allow me to convince you to take a lunch break today.

Around the blogosphere

Yes, yes, and yes. 5 ways a positive perspective changes everything.

How to Be There For a Friend Who Is Going Through an Incurable Medical Condition.

This Is A Rant About My Rights. I am  with you, Audrey.

Condo Container Gardening, from a beginner gardener.


Free Crochet Pattern: the webwork cardigan. So cute!

July printable calendars (free!)

For my runner friends

How running improves your mental health. (Preaching to the choir!)

The important “little things” in training.


Who doesn’t like some homemade chicken nuggets?

This looks so good! Spinach Ricotta Pasta with Lemon Butter Chicken.

Trying these this week: Creamy goat cheese mushroom gnocchis.


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  1. You always find such great articles to link to! I love the perspective of the 90 yr old woman!

  2. Thanks for sharing my post and other great articles, San!!

  3. I always love your links <3 Also, SUPER RANDOM! I was just totally having a craving for a Perfect Bar, saw this and decided I needed to hip up the grocery store stat!

    Thanks, too, for sharing all of these abortion resources. I swear, sometimes it feels like we're moving backwards in time.

    Sending all my love your way, San! XO

  4. So many great links here! I agree on 2020 but I am liking what I’m seeing from Elizabeth Warren as well. I follow her dog on Twitter now also, a touch of politics with some humor involved and a cute dog. What’s not to love? Those recipes all sound amazing. If you make the gnocchi, please share how it is!

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