Currently | March

STOKED | that I finalized my travel plans and booked my flight to Germany. I’ll be heading home in about a month and I am so excited.

FEELING LUCKY | that I scored a sweet hotel deal for my July half marathon weekend in San Francisco. San Francisco hotels are notoriously expensive and it’s really hard to stay anywhere downtown for less than $200, but it makes attending the race so much easier when you’re not driving in from far away. I do keep my eyes open on deal websites and sometimes I get lucky.

EATING |  marble cake. I bake one every year for my birthday. It’s my favorite pound cake.

DRINKING | peppermint tea. I am still on the peppermint kick.

LOOKING FORWARD TO | some girl time with my friend Tanja next weekend! We’ve been talking about meeting up for months and we’re finally making it happen!

WEARING | sandals for the first time this year (but  we also still got quite a bit of  rain this month!).

READING |  A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. 

WORKING ON | some new small crochet projects.

TRYING TO | finish my triangle scarf before I go to Germany, so I can have my knitting needles ready for a new color-gradient yarn cake.

LOVING | my new coffee mug, a birthday present from my bff! (It reads “you’re more than a friend, you’re a part of my life. You’re the best”.)

ENJOYING | riding my new bike. OMG, I forgot how much fun it is to have a bike and to be able to go places without a car that would take forever to walk to.

What’s going on with you currently?

  1. I’m so happy for you that you get to go home for a visit! That will be so nice for you! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying your bike too. We’re finally getting nice weather here and I am itching to get my bike out!

  2. That mug is so cute; I love what it says. I’m so excited that you’re going to Germany – and so soon!! It must be nice knowing you’ll get to see family, etc.


  3. Biking around is so much fun! I used my bike so much when I first got it. I haven’t used it since getting pregnant and I really miss bopping around. You can cover so much ground on a bike! Shortly after you posted about getting your bike, Phil’s coworker gave Phil his bike as he bought a new one and is moving and didn’t want to hassle with selling his bike. It’s a mountain bike but I think that will be fine for the short bike rides we’d likely take as a family. Now we need to get a burley so we can pull Paul behind us!

    I’m so excited that you are going to Germany! Yay for time with your family!!!!!

  4. Yay, Germany! I am so happy that you’re going for a visit. This will do your heart so good. <3

  5. Awww, I am SO GLAD you get to return to Germany, but WHAT A FRIGGIN BUMMER that we are literally JUST going to miss each other :( WAH!!! But I can’t wait to hear about your European vacations and hope you have a blast. Also I love your bike. And that mug! What a thoughtful gift! PS: That marble cake looks delicious :)

  6. You must be so excited for your trip! That will be a blast, I’m sure! I’m excited with temps warming up around here that I’ll be able to get out for some bike rides this spring/summer!

  7. That mug – so cute!!!
    Yeah for your Germany trip and Yeah Yeah for your upcoming weekend trip (can’t wait!).
    The marble cake looks sooooo good!!!

  8. How great that you’ll get to visit your family.
    And yeah for bikes and tea and crafts
    Happy day to you

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