Currently | December

ENJOYING | the 2nd Christmas holiday. Yesterday was still an official Christmas holiday in Germany and I think everyone deserves not one, but two holidays for Christmas. Amirite?

EATING | all the Christmas cookies. I am on a serious sugar overload this week. (I usually don’t eat that many sweets, but I am making an exception, because hey, it’s Christmas.)

READING | Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander #2) by Diana Gabaldon. Almost done.

DRINKING | hot coffee by the Christmas tree.

WATCHING | holiday movies. Well, I’ve watched one over the weekend (A boy named Christmas) and I am hoping to catch a few more, but I am not trying to put too much pressure on myself.

THANKFUL | that I got to see some friends before the holidays. Since most of my family and friends live further away, I take all the “face-time” that I can get.

TAKING | a walk around our neighborhood to see all the Christmas decorations.

LOOKING FORWARD TO | having a few more days off “between the years”.

EXCITED | to set up my new planner for the new year. Both Jon and I got new planners “for Christmas” (well, we would have gotten them anyway, but wanted something to put under the tree!) and we’ll be having a planner set-up session this week.

WORKING | through all the different holiday content on the Peloton platform – from holiday-themed rides to short 15-minute stacking stuffer workouts, there was something for everyone!

LOVED | (sending and) receiving all the holiday cards in the last couple of weeks. It’s one of my favorite things of the holiday season.

HOPING | you had a lovely holiday weekend, wherever you are and whatever you were doing.

KEEPING IN MIND | that not everybody looks forward to the holidays because people have strained family relations, or are far away from their loved ones, or are generally stressed by the holiday expectations. I see you. Do what feels right. I am giving myself some grace this year as well. I love the holidays, but the spirit has been evading me a bit this year.

What’s currently going on with you?

  1. I’ve had a hard time getting as far into the “Christmas spirit” as usual, but am trying to just let me be me and accept the fact that Christmas was good and hard this year at the same time!

    Typically I find I crash after Christmas, but this year I’m trying to really soak up this week between 2021-2022 as I just don’t quite feel ready for January. I’m giving myself grace on setting up my planner – somehow, with everything so up in the air about Omicron (especially not knowing if the kids will be able to return to in-person learning), I just can’t bring myself to put pen to paper and start planning for the year.

    I have been enjoying the sugar overload as well; I typically avoid most sweet things, but this week has been a sugar fest for sure! But…per your wisdom, I’m also trying to keep in touch with how I feel physically and have definitely said “no” to some things based on the feedback from my body. Thanks for reminding me to keep close tabs on what my body is telling me!

  2. I am right there with you when it comes to sugar overload. I think I really need a detox in January. How fun that you are planning a planner session together. And coffee by the tree is a favorite for me too when it comes to Christmas. I am still waiting to receive some cards. As of now none has dropped in my mailbox but I guess it was a tough year for everyone and some are just late.

  3. Oooh, a new planner! That’s always exciting. This sounds all so lovely and cozy. Enjoy your days off!

  4. Oo, a new planner! Fun! I got a new one for 2022 after using a bullet journal for about 5 years. It started in Nov 2021 so I’ve been using it for 2 months and am really happy with it so far! (Wonderland 222).

    I’m currently feeling pretty tired as sleep continues to be a challenge for Will. He gets his ears re-checked next week so until I know they are clear, I will just have to deal with bad sleep. :/

  5. Holiday cards really are the best. My not-so-secret secret is that I love the ones that trickle in after Christmas Day. It just makes the holiday seem to stretch out a bit more. I, too, have some days off between Christmas and New Year’s and I’m enjoying tackling things that have been on my to-do list for a long time and don’t really take a long time, but either need to be done during business hours or I keep procrastinating on because they need a bit more handholding than I can do when I’m working from home. I hope you’re having a wonderful break!

  6. I love the joint planner set up session… and would love to hear more details about that. :) I feel like I’m detoxing from sugar this week, though I’m still enjoying tasty meals. I’m going to need to practice making some of your spritz cookie recipes because I definitely have an affinity for those Christmas cookies!

  7. I think the entire week between Christmas and New Years should just be considered “Christmastime” and we should celebrate every day! Leftover Christmas cookies are a good start.
    I’ve been home for the past week (recovering from omicron) but I go back to work tomorrow for one day, then have the weekend off for New Years. After that it’s back to regular life! I don’t want Christmas to end :(

  8. Oooh, what planner is that?
    Also, yes, the whole week should be one holiday that runs together. Can we petition for that? :)
    I am impressed at the speed with which you are zipping through the Outlander series. Wow. It took me WEEKS to read each one, which is why I am not entertaining the thought of a reread of the whole series.
    And finally? SO GLAD you got friend time. You have been so far from family and friends for so long because of this d*** virus (my father’s current way of referencing it…).

    1. My planner is a Fringe Planner – I’ve been using it for the third year in a row and I got it at Home Goods ($10).

      Thank you, friend time felt really good but I am ready to see my family this year. <3

      1. Thank you! I’m debating getting an actual planner this year. We shall see.
        And oh, San, I am holding so much hope that you get to see your family this year. I can’t even imagine. All fingers and toes are crossed for you… <3

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