March Link Love

Around the Interwebs

30 Interesting finds on Google Earth. My nerdy little heart loves this.

A $700 kitchen makeover. Oh-so-lovely.

The modern trap of turning hobbies into hustles.

Life before the internet. Do you remember it?

How to streamline every area of your life. I do some of these, not all of these (clever) suggestions. You?

Around the blogosphere

Do you have a not-so-stranger? I have many.

Yes! Let’s stop making excuses for our spaces (and love them as is).


12 lists to make to organize your life.

Collage Shadow Box Project

For my runner friends

5 essential oils to improve athletic performance. Do you use essential oils? I am curious.

Stretching vs. Foam Rolling


This seeded soda bread looks soooo good!

How to harvest & preserve herbs from your garden.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Bowls. That sounds divine.


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  1. I want to try using more essential oils, especially for relaxing. That article about turning hobbies into a hustle is fascinating, because it’s true that people seem to really think they should make money off something they love. It’s totally okay if you do, but it’s also totally fine if you just want the hobby to be fun.


  2. That hobby as a hustle article resonates with me. Back when I used to knit more, people would often tell me that I should open an etsy shop… but I had no desire to do, nor could I ever change enough to make up for the time I spent on scarves/hats/etc. I loved giving things as gifts but felt no need to monetize that hobby!

    The streamlining article is a good one, too. We do some but not all of the things listed. We’ve definitely honed our meal planning/meal prep routines, though. We use a shared list on the iPhone to build a shopping list and then Phil does the shopping on Saturday mornings. I try to do some of the timely tasks, like cutting up things, over the weekend so that meals come together quicker on week nights. And I make that time in the kitchen more enjoyable by listening to a podcast! Podcasts make boring tasks more enjoyable. I also listen to them while cleaning and it makes me hate cleaning a little bit less!

  3. Yay for links! I’ve been needing some fresh stuff to read and check out so I can’t wait to read some of these – especially the one about organizing!

  4. I love articles on getting organised so thank you for sharing the 12 lists.
    Each time I read an article about essential oils I want to start using them more (I only ever use lavender and that is in a burner). I really need to learn more about them.
    Always so nice to know other people like brussels sprouts! I’m one of the only ones in my family who think they are tasty!

  5. Hey San,
    oh again such fun links.
    I do also have quite a few not-so-stranger people in my life. And I agree it throws you off when seeing them out of context.
    And I love browsing google to discover stuff. That article was fun.
    Happy Sunday to you, Tobia

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