Currently | September

HANGING OUT | in the Mojave Desert for work. NBD. If you follow me on Instagram, keep your eyes out. I hope to post a few pictures there.

FEELING | a little rushed right now with two field trips back to back. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting out of the office, but two week-long field trips back to back can be, well, long and exhausting.

WEARING | my new running shoes. Did I mention that I won another pair of running shoes through an Instagram giveaway? Best timing ever, as I was looking to get new shoes soon anyway.

EXCITED ABOUT | leaving the windows open and shutting off the AC more! It’s been so, so nice around here. Warm during the day, cool at night and I love it.

READING | Turtles all the way down by John Green.

EATING |  raw almonds. I go through phases, but I am into them right now.

DRINKING | Vanilla Honey Chamomile Tea. It’s not quite fall here yet (when I will start drinking huge amounts of tea!), but a cup of chamomile tea in the evening helps to calm me down before bed.

(always) LOOKING FORWARD TO | seeing my giraffe friends on my runs!

ENJOYING | my 20-minute morning workouts. I am planning to write a post about my experience with the 20-day fitness challenge, because it’s been really good.

TRYING | hard to keep up the good new habits that I formed over the last 2 1/2 weeks!

LISTENING TO |   Pod Save America. I’ll never be an avid podcast listener, but I’ve been listening to episodes of this podcast on and off lately. Maybe because it’s an easier way for me to stay on top of the news without actually following the news.

What’s up with you currently?

  1. I’m eating lots of dried mango but I need to stop buying it because I eat waaaay too much of it in one sitting. Ha. I mean there are worse things to eat but it’s pretty sugary. I tell myself it’s not a bad habit since it’s naturally-occurring sugar.

    Back-to-back week long trips is a lot! I bet it’s nice to have a change of scenery but being gone for 2 full weeks 2 weeks in a row would be so tough.

    I’m currently feeling extra tired as Paul has been waking up a lot. We think he’s teething but who knows what is going on. I’m looking forward to hosting my friend Kyria for the weekend but am hoping we can entertain her. It’s hard to plan much with a baby that naps 3 times a day but I’m sure we’ll still squeeze in some fun things. And it will be fun for her to meet Paul. He’s at such a fun stage as he is super smiley and loves meeting new people!

  2. I’d be much more motivated to run if I had giraffe friends to keep me company too! I love those pictures! I read (well audio booked) Turtles All The Way Down last month. I’ll be curious about your thoughts on it!

  3. I found the podcast series, Mental Health Happy Hour, and they have had some really interesting topics. I found a few that were helpful for me personally but there were others that I had definite opinions about until I listened and I think a little differently about things. It’s been kind of cool to listen to that on walks.

  4. That giraffe is so cute! I STILL need to read Turtles All the Way Down – I preordered the book when it came out and everything. LOL It will happen soon though. I want to start listening to podcasts again – the weather needs to cool down so maybe I can listen while I walk.


  5. I love Pod Save America! I listen to every episode but sometimes skip the end if they have an interview I am not interested in.

  6. I’m so glad you’re listening to Pod Save America! It’s the way I get my news nowadays. I can’t handle Twitter anymore and I don’t have cable to watch CNN or anything like that, so I just listen to PSA to keep informed. :)

  7. I love giraffes!
    Well done on winning running shoes – great timing as well as you say!
    I keep hearing good things about that book by John Green – my TBR list is SO long.
    The chamomile tea sounds amazing – I sometimes drink it when I battle to sleep but honey and vanilla sounds SO good I’d drink it all the time :)

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